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Visitation commonly awarded by Florida courts???

I know every case is different. However I am wondering what the basic visitation schedule commonly awarded in Florida family court is. Background info: 2 young children (2 and 4) have been living with mother for past year (since time of separation). Mother is stay at home mom now, married and no criminal history. Dad has seen them, Thursdays and every other Sunday. (Live about 5miles from each other). He has had minimal contact by his choice and has paid no child support. Not to mention has called DCF on mother (was unfounded), was arrested in Sept of this year for resisting an officer without violence and was drunk and DUI charges have just been filed for crash he was had in October. Father will be out of work for next year dur to injuries sustained from crash. Father wants to split time equally. Mother does not agree. Going to trial w/ this. Anyone have any insight??

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    First, child support and visitation are considered two completely seperate issues in family court, even though they're sometimes addressed at the same time. Even if he's late on paying his child support, that doesn't interfere with his rights to the children. And I wouldn't consider having his kids once a week and every other Sunday as "minimal contact". That's actually not that bad.

    If you're fighting a 50/50 split with him, you'll most likely win with his history and criminal record. Judges do odd things sometimes, but I doubt the judge will overlook a false report, DUI, and resisting arrest. You never know, but I doubt you'll have problems.

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    maximum astounding. interior the absence of a written contract or order, he has as plenty precise to maintain the toddler in one state as she does in yet another. the 1st step is to be certain a lawyer. she will have the flexibility to ought to report a petition and an pressing action for period in-between custody and get right of entry to specs until such time as an exceedingly final contract with admire to comparable might nicely be made.

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    with that kind of history i don't think you have anything to worry about he is probally trying to get out of paying and since he is taking it back to court he will be responsibe for all back childsupport

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    You have no problem. Florida courts are female friendly.

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