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can u relate to this?

i don't really have a family.

i have friends but i don't really see them because they all busy and same live far away.

i learn be just be by myself alot and i am use to it now.

still some time i want to belong in a family.

my mother said that i was a mistake and all the bad stuff that a parent shouldn't tell to a child.

i used in a positive way, i am in college doing what i wan to.

i go to movies myself, i everything myself.

some time i talk to my friend on phone and i feel that it good to keep them around even do i am not with them physically.

i am not bad or anything i just wanted to know if there are people out there who can relate to my story

and how u survive

it not like i am sad or anything

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    ok.. first of all, u are AWESOME. seriously, u should really be proud of urself for turning such horrible negativity into something Positive, and not letting it ruin ur life! :) and i bet u don't hate ur mother, u just feel sad when u think of why she treats u that way.. wow, good for you. it is SO HARD to think that way, so EASY to be angry and hurt and HATE people for that kind of stuff.

    my advice to you is to continue what u are doing, but also add a bit to it:

    Work on your Confidence and how to meet people. this is so u can create a NEW life and family for yourself.. whether it be friends, or a boyfriend, eventually husband and kids, ok? :) In my opinion, confidence can be "worked on" in 3 steps:

    Appearance: exercise. work out. take care of ur Body. take care of ur skin. get a new, flattering hair cut, makeup, and clothes. the better u Look, the better impression u make on others. also, exercising can get stress out, and give u endorphins (happy chemicals). and lastly, the better u look, the better u FEEL about yourself!

    Mind: study. read more, learn more. keep an open mind. develop interests and hobbies. take some classes. excel at your job. remember, if u start joining classes and activities, more likely u can meet some friends who have Similar interests as you. also, u are being Productive and enhancing your strenghts and qualities. :)

    Relationships: typically i say w/ Family and Friends.. but as u say, family is far away/mean, and friends u talk on the phone. that means NEW PEOPLE. u need to concentrate on peopel around you. try with coworkers or peers at school (or at the gym, or walking ur dog, etc). remember, the better u Look and the more you Know, the less SHY or scared u will be when talking to someone! also, try to get to know teachers, guidance counselors, etc. the more people u can speak to with confidence, the better. eventually u WILL make friends, and then meet their friends..and that is how u create a network of family/friends around you.

    Also, remember to always seek Positive, Healthy and Happy people around you. if anyone is negative, mean, or tries to force u to do something uncomfortable, keep ur distance. u are working on ur life for the BETTER. the stronger, happier, confident u are, the more opportunities u will have, more doors will open, u will Attract positive people, AND u will be able to get thru the hard times in life w/ ur positivity (case in point: u and ur family!).

    good luck, and taek care ALWAYS. the future equals the Ability to Change! no matter what, u can change something little or big in ur life. so don't ever be upset at urself or others for the past. look forward to tomorrow, work hard, and play hard, be Happy and Healthy and u will find Positive things~

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    I can relate. when i got pregnant my mother the most horrible things to me and kicked me out. my family stopped speaking to me all together and i couldn't see my siblings. After i had my daughter all my mother did was make racial remakes and tell me how i was the worst thing to have happened to her, how she should have had an abortion and a lot more. i do not have many friends because i have been hurt by those i loved, but i hve learned to open my heart back up. i'm beginning to heal and lettting people in. i survived by looking into my daugther's eyes and knowing i never want to be like that to her. i know you do not have a child, but the only thing i can say to you is stay in school and strive to be the complete opposite of her. never take life for granted and love those around you. Best of luck I know you will be strong and independent and soon mr right will come along

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    a woman at my college who graduated final 365 days has completed some video clips. Aussie video clips so which you does no longer be attentive to her of course yet nonetheless exceptionally cool. As for relating to popular human beings i does no longer be attentive to i'm particular there is somebody. i'm relating to a popular guy who helped hijack a prepare with the Queen on it returned interior the 80s or something. he's spent his finished existence in reformatory.. or something. he's my large grandmother's cousin or 2nd cousin so it is incredibly distance, yet nonetheless there.

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    I never feel apart of my family and I'm always alone i feel more comfortable cause i don't wanna be around people i don't feel really care for me. My friends have always got me wondering if there really my friends because I'm be stabbed in the back to many times to actually feel trust towards another person. Its not exactly like you but i understand what you mean.

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    most people are lonely

    ya should find a partner you like at some point though

    less lonely

    its good you do ok on your own though

    just like when somebody grows up poor, they want to be rich no matter what for the rest of their lives; those of us who were not wanted spend the rest of our lives trying to be wanted.

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    a few people i know their parents told them they were an accident and they just went around and met some people and made lots of friends and they met them by just like talking to them or say yeah...hope this helps and good luck!

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    first and foremost, congrats for not letting your past make you sour. you're doing it: making yourself the best person you can be! everything that's happened to you, in life, God allowed it to happen in order for you to become the woman He would have you to be today. He also allowed it to happen because He knew, unlike us, that you could handle it. you are a survivor. He has greater things in store for you...

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    i cant really realte but it sounds like your going to turn out to be a much more independent & stronger woman than most people. good for you!

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