what is the highest IQ score possible?

i dunno...

i took an IQ test and i dont know if im stupid or smart...


mine wuz 120

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    The average IQ is by definition 100. Scores above 100 indicate a higher than average IQ and scores below 100 indicate a lower that average IQ. The range from 85 to 115 is considered low average to high average. Theoretically, scores can range any amount below or above 100, but in practice they do not meaningfully go much below 50 or above 150.

    I hope this helps. Here is a link that discusses IQ scores in more detail.

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    Highest Iq Score Possible

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    Highest possible score is infinite and the current holder of the highest IQ is Marilyn Von Savant whose IQ is 230! Sample questions in books and internet are not reliable for they are made for the purpose of fun, entertainment, boosting of ego and information purposes only. Real IQ test are confidential and more reliable as there are conditions being set during the exam. The MENSA test book that you have is just a sample questionnaire and does not really gives you an accurate result for the very reason that test contents should be really confidential and a practice effect once you have taken one will automatically change the score making it unreliable, right?

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    Chris Chapmans score of 298 was faked. And it should have been udderly obvious to anyone that looked at the result for more than 1 second. That kind of score simply isn't possible in the first place.

    Noone has ever scored over 195 SD 15 on an IQ test. And not only that, there are almost no tests designed to test this high in the first place, and certainly none designed to test beyond it.

    Think about it for a second.

    Who the hell is going to make a test to test intelligence beyond that of the most intelligent person? There's noone smart enough to make the test...;)

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    Some of these answers are lowballing the IQ scores. My brother and dad have 160 and 165 IQ scores (so I know it is possible to exceed the 160 score), and I was the dummy in the family because I had 140! Admittedly, they are really smart, my bro is a computer engineer and I never know what he is talking about! I know around 100 is considered about average though...120 is really good!

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    William James Sidis (IQ Level - 250-300) - Although it does not say which IQ scoring system.


    There is a neat Psiycologist / Psychiatric IQ test that goes way beyond intelligence word etc tests.

    It tests you reaction to all sorts of input and output.

    I remember someone pinching me unexpectedly while the tester watched my eye reactions. Ended up as 145.

    My Aunt's roommate, who I suspect was in the US secret service in some capacity in WW2 and theresafter

    had, my aunt said an IQ of 165. I just asked her roommate last night and she said close to 300. She (aged 95) is going to ask her doctor for the official number next time she visits.

    I believe it. By far and away one the most intelligent people I have ever met, with the unique ability to talk to anyone at their level and stick to their interest area.

    Other Mensa types I know you need Latin, Greek and Risk Management dictionaries open in front of you and have to stop them every sentence to follow what they said.

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    The highest recorded child IQ was 298 and was scored by Chris Chapman. Though there is no limit to child IQ in theory though the highest testable limit at age 10 is 300. The highest testable limit for adult or deviation IQ is 210+ which is the labeled score. It is attained from scoring 48/48 on the mega test. Cattel can reach 244, but is equivalent to 180+ Stanford binet because it hasn't been re-normed in 25 years. Other tests are generally given the same #'s as SB. The thought that Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest IQ is a misconception. She has a deviation IQ of 186 which is lower than 3 other recorded deviation IQ's though her IQ is still incomprehensibly rare. A genius IQ is identified at 144 and a certified genius is 175+. I myself am both and though I understand why people say IQ's of 140+ have no extra significance, I feel that this is only said as to make the general public feel superior( though words wouldn't change their opinion seeing as they would be to incompetent to realize their intelligence) and not how they are, normal. No one can become omniscient. Presidents who claim to have IQ's of 180+ show their feeble mindedness to often to make such fallacious claims. Though their EQ's may be high, their innate intelligence hasn't reached that level.

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      I agree with the top two comments. You are an idiot, 'Professor' Sheed.

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    I think it's important to note that nothing on this page can possibly tell you what your IQ scores mean. They have to be adjusted for age and peers to be effective. They also have to be understood which can create problems. The most important problem though is something that a test can't address; IQ has no set definition and by my count there are at least eight forms of intelligence and most test can't, wont or rather are unable to test properly. I score above in above average ranges to superior on every test I've taken but fail when it comes to short term memory tests. While it's important and good for me to be able to figure things out quickly it's also kind of useless as I don't remember everything I figure out. IQ gives one no edge on life, with family, and in reality creates problems when it comes to things like social dynamics as people don't need high IQ's to survive.

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    It depends on the test used. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is probably the most commonly used and it ranges from 40 to 160. Other tests such as the Stanford-Binet has a lower floor and a higher ceiling so is better for differentiating those with very low or very high IQs.

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    Most of these answers are total bullcrap.

    It really depends on what scale is being used.

    The Cattell Scale is always higher than the Stanford-Binet Scale.

    For Instance, If your IQ is 120 on Stanford-Binet, it is 132 on Cattell.

    The man with the highest IQ is Terence Tao, whose IQ is 230.

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