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我想問一本書叫the witches

有無人可以講下佢個plot summary

情節流程個d la


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    "One child a week equals fifty-two a year, squash them and squiggle them and make them disappear." That is the motto of all witches in Dahl's world. The book's witches are a well-connected organization with one goal: the elimination of as many children as possible, ideally all of them; children smell unpleasant to them, which is the only real motive given, apart from that they are just evil.

    The Grand High Witch, angry at the witches' failure to remove all children, unveils her masterplan at the English witches' annual convention (cleverly disguised as a "Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children" convention): the English witches should take over England's confectionery retailers (using money given to them by the Grand High Witch) and give away chocolate that has been poisoned with a magicpotion, which will turn the children into mice at exactly 9 a.m. the next day, when they are at school. The teachers, she hopes, will panic and kill the mice with mouse-traps, thereby doing the witches' work for them.

    Unfortunately for the witches, an old witch expert and her grandson - the unnamed protagonist - are staying at the same hotel as the congregation of witches. By chance, the narrator is hiding in the convention hall at the time (where he is training his white mice) and, having received a thorough education about witches from his grandmother, he quickly realizes what is going on. The witches unveil their true selves, removing their wigs to reveal bald scalps, their shoes to reveal toeless feet, their gloves to reveal long, sharp claws, and grinning widely with their mouths full of blue saliva.

    The Grand High Witch turns a fat child named Bruno Jenkins (lured to the convention hall by the promise of free chocolate) into a mouse as a demonstration of her plan; and the witches soon sense the narrator's presence - resulting in another mouse with a human mind.

    The mouse-person manages to reach his grandmother's room safely (bringing Bruno along because he'd most likely get himself killed on his own), and they turn the witches' potion against them by adding it to the soup reserved for the witches themselves. The hotel staff panics, as the Grand High Witch predicted, and rid England of its witches. The two then come up with a plan to attack the witches' Norwegian headquarters and travel around the world killing the rest of the witches.

    The Witches by Roald Dahl is to be performed in Bournemouth over the Christmas holiday period by Bourne Rep Theatre Company.

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