Snitches for a 5K1.1 what do you think?

Snitches for a 5K1.1 what do you think?

If someone is charged with a crime and an informant comes forward to snitch and he is the only witness is that ok? How do you know they are telling the truth?

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    A snitch is paid by the government or cops to say what they want him to say. Truth has nothing to do with it. If they want to burn someone, and can't catch him doing anything wrong, they will find an associate, bust him, threaten him with 300 years in prison, and then offer him a way out---snitching.

    My husband has been in federal prison for 26 years, based on the testimony of three snitches who openly admitted in court they were being paid tens of thousands for testifying. They all changed their stories a dozen times every time they told it, had ongoing drug and alcohol black-out problems, couldn't get dates straight, testified my husband was one place when he was confirmed elsewhere....even with such blatant B.S., my husband got 41 years. Those people, all three confirmed addicts and long felony records, walked away to spend your tax dollars on another booze/dope binge with their friends.

    It doesn't matter if its one, or three, or a dozen snitches. If they're on a payroll, they say what they are told to say. Truth has nothing to do with it.

    Source(s): Wife of a 26+ year federal prisoner
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    The first two answerers have been watching too much TV. His Old Lady and Dollars are correct. It doesn't matter if the snitch is telling the truth, was high on acid at the time, or in another state. He is there to burn someone else in exchange for favors for himself. The truth can't be bought.

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    You dont , and most people dont know that police can now by law falsify documents to the court lie and have witnesses for them lie with immunity from prosecution if caught ,unless prosecuted by the attourney general wich doesn't happen . A defendent in our courts today has no chance of winning .There is no justice (an impartial judgement based on truth fact and reason) in our court system today . There are more crimes committed the courts in America in one day than in the streets in one year .The most dangerous enemy of the people is their government .

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    Maybe someone else knows what that means. I'm sure they follow up on what the snitch tells them. Watch some old NYPD Blues episodes.

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    1 decade ago

    If you are referring to a confidential informant, their testimony usually has to be corroborated. It is up to the DA to decide otherwise.

    Not sure what a 5K1.1 is. Some penal code for your state?

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