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What are the adaptations for crustaceans and arachnids?

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    I like a very broad question. Arachnids and crustaceans both shed exoskeletons as they grow. The arachnids are generally land creatures comprising of spiders, scorpions etc. Crustaceans comprise of crabs, shrimp, prawns, crayfish, lobster etc. There are a number of crustaceans that live on land but require water to breed. The land crab is an example of one. They also need to shed exoskeletons.

    Exoskeletons are what holds there bodies together as they have no internal skeletons. So as the animal grows, the skin needs to be shed.

    The arachnid need little water, gathering what they need from the animals that they eat. The exoskeleton also reduces water lose for those that live in deserts.

    Crustaceans have evolved to live in both fresh and salt water, so the adaptations are to numerous to list. I hope I have given you a few clues for further investigation.

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    Crustacean Adaptations

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    Crustaceans have hard shells to protect themselves.

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