tap and ballet games?

I need some online games for tap or ballet ( mostly tap) please help!

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    a really fun game we do in tap is called "telephone tap". everyone sits in a circle. the teacher watches. start with one student and have them make up a small combination (or for younger students you can make one for them) so for example their combination is toe heel, toe heel, maxiford, maxiford. have everyone close their eyes. the studen who came up with the combination taps the student next to her and shows her the combination one time. the next girl tries to remember it and pass it on to the girl next to her. go all around the circle doing this. have the last person in the circle get up and show the class the combination she thinks is correct. its funny to see how it changes. you goal is to keep the combination the same throughout the circle. just like the game telephone... but with tap!

    another game we did in both ballet and tap is just like hot potatoe. have one student take off their ballet shoe to pass around the circle of students. play the music and have the kids start passing the shoe. then stop the music. whoever is holding the shoe is out. continue to do this untile theres a winner. the other game is better though because nobody looses or wins.

    Source(s): these are some games my teachers did with us a few years ago...
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    4 years ago

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