Funny right"we were here before you gringo"?

Don't you find it hilarious when a beaner comes online and claims that they owned America first? Completely ignoring the fact that their own race is half Spaniard? Only show how ignorant they are of their own race let alone any one else’s
Update: No **** studbolt, my question said Spaniards ( who were white men)!
Update 2: Sweet Latina: No you’re a beaner baby making factory
Update 3: La gueta: the ones that don't are those really short dark ones that Mexican Americans make fun of
Update 4: haha I am a big fan of kramer
Update 5: haha I am a big fan of kramer
Update 6: Gring= whites for mexicans

Beaner= mexican for whites

fair enough?
Update 7: Hey Mexican clown: It's called taking out the trash, and we will do it.
Update 8: sittinpretty: You should talk? You lol the racism towards whites, but then turn around and say I’m wrong? You are a hypocrite, and now you prove that to everyone.
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