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ive been told im a worrier,i know i can fret bout things sometimes?!?

but how does one stop worrying about what people think of you does one manage stop worrying.can u tell me, any ideas on how to do stop it,much appreciated thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    YOu need to consciously retrain your internal voice that talks to you in your brain. For instance you get nervous on the freeway. Instead of thinking about horrible accedents, Put positive words in your mind like....'"I am a good driver, I drive defensivly, I haven't ever been in an accident. I make good choices when I drive here. I have driven on this freeway for years and nothing has happeded and if it does I trust my driving abiliitirs"

    You gotta change your internal dialog and give yourself a break. Eventually you will drive the freeway, carfully and not with such fear.

    The greatest thing in fear is fear itself.

    You have the ability to change yourself and your attitude about things.

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