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Which statement is not true about forensic science?

Which statement is not true about forensic science?

1 Forensic science may used to identify to identify problems and illegal action among a group of manufacturers.

2 Forensic science uses evidence and logical thinking to solve problems.

3 Forensic scientists work only for the prosecution in an investigation and court of law.

4 Forensic scientists must remain neutral and not try to prove their point but rather let the evidence collected place the guilt.

5 A forensic investigation may get much more distasteful and drawn out than shown on TV shows.

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    3 is the statement which is not representative of the true operation of forensic science.

    While most police departments do indeed have forensic investigation laboratories, forensic science is not used only by the prosecution. A defense attorney that completely ignored forensic evidence or ignored forensics that cleared their client would not be a very effective defense attorney.

    The defense can, and does, hire forensic scientists as expert witnesses to refute the testimony of the prosecution.

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    they are all true.

    i watched enough csi to know this.

    God Bless

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