Deaf people driving cars... what is the cultural attitude in your country?

I ask because in Ireland, where I am from, Deaf people have no barriers facing them as drivers. Likewise in most European countries, N America and Australia.

The rest of the world?

When I visited China, Chinese deaf people told me that it is illegal for deaf people to drive there.

Malaysia... No problem at all.

The Gambia... there is no law against deaf drivers, but people here say that it is not safe for them to drive, and as a result deaf people are discouraged from driving.

I just want to see what people think in YOUR country about deaf people driving. Thanks.

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    In the United States, not only are deaf people allowed to drive, but they are also ranked as one of the best drivers on the roads. Deaf people use extra visual aids to assist them in situations where we might hear something. Also, deaf drivers are concentrated on the road whereas our culture has a strong dependency on talking on cell phones while driving. This added distraction to hearing drivers makes them much more dangerous. Plus, how much of driving is based on hearing? Really not much of it. I have rarely heard an useful use of a car horn and emergency vehicles will always have their lights flashing in an emergency - though they sometimes do not turn on their sirens. My deaf professor is in love with red Ford Mustangs.

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  • alia
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    3 years ago

    no longer all emergency automobiles lights furniture could be seen exceedingly if that motor vehicle is on the different portion of a development. The sirens are to alert you in case you do no longer see the lights furniture. utilizing deaf might desire to require a sensor contained in the motor vehicle that informs the driving force that sirens are energetic. this may not help them if somebody is honking a warning at them yet can probable shop them from a collision with an emergency motor vehicle. it would be counted on the degree of deafness.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I see nothing wrong with deaf people driving. I mean they can see and what would they need to listen for. I mean I can't hear what other drivers are saying when I have my radio on. I can't really hear them even when my radio isn't on. I think horns are highly over rated, people use them to much.

    Maybe I'm just really understanding and excepting. My dad is blind, my mom's legally blind. I was raised to see past handicaps.

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