Celebrity Feuds? Kelly Ripa vs Clay Aitkin:?

Was it appropriate for Rosie O'Donnell to call Kelly a Homophobe?

Was Kelly wrong to object to Clay Aitkin's gesture? The guest co-host on the Nov. 17th show on the REGIS and KELLY Show, tried to upstage the host. It was clearly an uncomfortable segment for Kelly from the get go. She explaind her position and chose to leave it alone until today's episode of THE VIEW, where Rosie said that had it been anyone else, another cute straight guy, it would not have had the same results. Do you agree with that statement made by Rosie? Is she defending "The Gay Guy" even though he has never admitted to being gay. And does it matter if he were?

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    It was completely uncalled for. Kelly has had many "Gay" co-hosts and has never made them feel uncomfortable. She never mentioned their sexuality. She is a professional doing her job. She never put Clay on the hot seat. Rosie made a huge mistake, one that might force people to take a second look. I was shocked to hear this coming out of her mouth. If anyone has let the cat out of the bag about Clay"s sex life, it is Rosie. He has always denied the accusations. I admire the way Kelly has approached this. She was clear and direct. He had an opportunity to show everyone who he really is, and people will turn on him. The industry that made him, can easily break him. His CLAY MATES will abandon him. He doesn't seem to be the warm and cute kid that over came Simon's criticisms. He seems to have grown an attitude. Wasn't he supposed to be promoting a new album? As far as Rosie, people had doubts from the beginning. I just cannot understand why she would say such a harsh thing about some one genuinely sweet and warm like Kelly. This will come back to haunt her. I wonder what will Barbra say. I guess we must stay tuned.

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    Rosie was not the bit least concerned about Clay Aiken, she was only concerned about running her mouth for ratings! So she need to stop the shenanigans! By the way, did Clay ever admit to being homosexual? From the last I've heard, he never did, so how could Kelly know that? Rosie is just jealous that she has to share the spotlight with three other women and Kelly is the only woman on Regis and Kelly that viewers look at.

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    I agree that Rosie IS a Christian-a-phobe like another user suggested. . .if Elizabeth ever really got to speak her mind, Rosie would completely FLIP out. She acts like everyone who is intelligent or worth anything should jump on the Yae for Gays bandwagon and that is just not true. People have different views which lately has been Rosie's way or the highway. Kelly was right to be offended and I'm really proud of her for standing up to Rosie on the show. . .I think Rosie was actually put in her place for the first time since she joined The View. . .and Kelly wasn't disrespectful or rude. . .just plain honest. Plus - it's so funny that Clay denies being gay and Rosie totally outed him. . .poor guy.

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    If I were Clay Aiken I would be upset with Rosie because she basically called him an ugly, gay guy. Rosie's comment, "If that was a straight man ,if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn't question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing. I guarantee if that was Mario Lopez, she would not have said the same thing."

    He has made it a point not to broadcast his sexual preference so who is she to declare for the world that he is gay.

    Also, I would have said the say thing if someone put their hand on my mouth. It was a joke. Granted Kelly was upset because the interview was getting out of hand. He had been shaking hands with audience members and this could spread germs that could make her sick and spread to her kids and make them sick.

    IMO Rosie should have minded her own business. No one has declared her Queen of the 'I won't discuss my sexual orientations.'

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    Good Evening Kelly and Rosi, As a fan of both of you I want you to know that I am a hairdresser and a regular customer of fine food establishments, have unfortunatley been witness, to too many men and women going to the bathroom without washing their hands, by the way Rosi, do you know what men hold with thier hand when they pee? NO MAN will that I do not know will ever touch my mouth with his hand until I have personally witnessed him wash it carefully. The reason this is apparant to me is because my sence of smell is excellent. When they return for their manicures, if the smell of my fabulous soap is not apparant, I have to wonder if they used it. I don't care if they are straight, gay, trans, black, white, yellow or blue. It is innapropriate to put you're hands on someone else's mouth. Thank you, Still love to be entertained by you both, Tracy PS. I have four brothers. They are all well trained now also have been to Football Stadiums and concerts where men and women were force to use the same bathroom because there were twice as many mens as womens and not very many of them washed. To big a hurry I suppose, Whatever. If he was shaking hands with all those people, I'll bet ya, at least one had germs. Adios and Happy Thanksgiving to all, Peace, Tracy

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    If I were Clay Aiken I would be angry at Rosie. She out and out called him a homosexual when he has never claimed to be one. Rosie was the one being discriminatory. Kelly would have said the same thing to anyone on the show who touched her mouth. Anyone would be grossed out by a stranger touching their mouth no matter what their sexuality. Rosie messed up and I think she owes Clay AND Kelly an apology.

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    Yes, absolutely Rosie was wrong.

    She needs to mind her own business!

    I hated Star but Rosie is far worse.

    Kelly was justified in her complaint as it is cold & flu season.

    Clay acted like a goofy, nerdy wanna be & got his just desserts!

    Reg asked Kelly about Friday w/ Clay so she spoke openly & honestly.

    It is afterall her show w/ Regis.

    The title is Regis & Kelly NOT Clay & Clay or Clay & Kelly so he should have acted as such.

    However Rosie thinks "The View" is titled "Rosie's View".

    I loved how Kelly Ripa-ed Clay & Rosie new @ssholes!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    Go Kelly!!!!

    She needs to use one of those "Tide To-Go" sticks & rid the world of the Clay & Rosie stains!!!!

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    I don't like people putting their hands over my mouth. You don't know where peoples hands have been and the hand contains lots of germs because ur touching everything and I understand what Kelly went through. When i was watching that clip, it never occured to me it was a homosexual thing. Clay never admitted he was gay and rosie just admitted like he was. I don't understand why she brought up that for? Rosie just made it a big deal. and i don't support rosie. I think she blew it up the wrong way.

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    I think Rosie was totally out-of-line. It was NOT her view, it was her complex speaking. Rosie is rude and offensive normally, but this time she was "over the top." I stopped watching "The View" when Rosie came onboard because she is far too opinionated and ridiculous in many of her viewpoints. She is certainly not very diplomatic and has humilated guests many times when she had her own show. Her presence has certainly brought "The View" down to a lower level.

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    3 years ago

    for my area, i don't see what the vast deal is. Clay exchange into only being humorous. Granted, every person has a desirable to settle on whom they elect to be touched by utilising, yet this exchange into only a playful, non-threatening, spur-of-the-2nd gesture. i'm specific Kelly does not have reacted a similar way if it have been the likes of the two Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, or George Clooney. And, if i'm spectacular, could not her reaction to Clay be considered as discriminatory? think of roughly it ...

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