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Does Shinto have beliefs in an afterlife?

Does Shinto have beliefs in an afterlife?

What is their text that describes it, and who wrote it?

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    1 decade ago
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    It is common for people to practice Shinto in life yet have a Buddhist funeral. Their different perspectives on the afterlife are seen as complementing each other

    The afterlife is not a primary concern in Shinto; much more emphasis is placed on fitting into this world, instead of preparing for the next. Shinto has no binding set of dogma, no holiest place for worshippers, no person or kami deemed holiest, and no defined set of prayers. Instead, Shinto is a collection of rituals and methods meant to mediate the relations of living humans and kami.

    Whenever a child is born in Japan, a local Shinto shrine adds the child's name to a list kept at the shrine and declares him or her "Ujiko", literally named child. After death an "Ujiko" becomes an "Ujigami"; literally, named kami.

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    The texts of creation (forget their name) tell of Yomi, the underworld.

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