I have a close friend that is an alcoholic, anyone have advice on helping/not helping?

Should I try to help or stay out of the way?

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    1 decade ago
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    not too much you can do. an alcoholic needs to recognize the problem for themselves, and chose to seek help for themselves.

    but it wouldn't hurt to let the friend know that you don't enjoy their company when they are drunk.. tell them that you enjoy their normal natural sober self..

    tell the person that you are here as a friend and willing to help them deal with the problem if they are willing to accept your help.

    if you push too hard, the friend might reject you and push you away..

    you may also want to consider who else in this person's life will have major influence.. if this person has a spouse or other family members, see if you can convince the family members to gently push the person into getting help.

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    If your friend is really special then u should stick around and maybe have his/her family and friends make an intervention that can get rid of the alcohol adiction! If your friend is just a person you know at school u should tell someone about his/her problem and stay away! Just because the so called friend has no life doesn't mean u shouldn't!

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    Attend an Al-annon meeting or two and decide for yourself what to do.

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    You can't help her unless she wants help . Talk to her and be there for her , encourage her to seek professional help but u can't make her.

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  • my moms an alchoholic and i told somebody and she got help so tell her (and good luck) i wish wate i promise your friend will get better

  • 1 decade ago

    you should help he because she could end up dead and i know you don't want that or she can kill somebody and go to jail for drinking!!!!!!! and man slauter.

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    it's hard and if they don't want to stop then there's nothing you can do

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