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Was clay aiken wrong for what he did to kelly ripa?

Clay aiken put his hand over kellys mouth on Fridays show saying for her to be quiet. Rosie said that it was a homo thing but she said she did not like it beause of the germs.

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    I don't think he was wrong because I don't think he meant to offend her or be rude. He was simply joking around, and the whole incident was meant to be in good fun. Also, right after it happened, Clay backed down immediately. He saw that he had annoyed her, and stopped. If anyone saw the entire show, it is easy to see that there was playful banter going on betwen the two of them from the beginning. Kelly would say something to Clay, Clay would say something to Kelly and so on. They made fun of eachother, but it was meant to be a joke. I personally think she blew the entire incident out of proportion. What bugged me the most is that she made it seem as if she hade moved on and gotten over the entire thing, and made Clay feel as if everything was ok. When he was interviewed right after the show took place, he only had good things to say about Kelly and how she's great at what she does etc. This was before even hearing what she said on Monday. Then Kelly, instead of simply telling Clay that she had a problem with what happened during the show, she bashes him on national television, AFTER he said good things about her. If she really had a problem, she should have settled if offscreen. And like I already mentioned, he meant the entire thing to be a joke, and she blew it out of proportion. There are even reports from people who were at the show and backstage, and Clay appoligized to her that same day, and she said she accepted. Either way, Kelly should have setteld her problems privately.

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    The point isn't that she thinks she is that is simply that Clay was a GUEST on her show and he should've shown some respect in lieu of that...yes, Kelly did do the same thing to Regis a couple years back, but they are on an equal billing on the show...and for Rosie to call this 'homophobic" is ridiculous! First of all, Clay hasn't made his sexuality clear to anyone and if anyone is in the wrong, it should be Rosie for opening her mouth when she should've just let those two battle it out alone.....

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    I think Kelly was very unprofessional in how she handled this. Clay apologized to her after the show was over and she accepted his apology yet first thing Monday morning, she whines and cries about it. It's very obvious she doesn't like Clay. I loved how they made a fool out of her on the American Music Awards by having Tori Spelling put her hand over Clay's mouth. :)

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    He should be happy that he is invited to any show out there. I mean, Rosie is a person who does not like germs being spread, so the hand on the mouth thing, you do not know where his hands has been at. Really. And Clay should just come out and say that he is gay. I mean, everyone knows that. What the hell.

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    Absolutely, Clay was wrong. Who does he think he is to put his germy hand on Kelly's mouth? That was extremely cocky, rude, ignorant, and ill-mannered. I have not seen anyone do it while an interview was being conducted. Clay obviously thinks he's the next best thing to Elvis Presley now. Kelly handled it very well too. I would have smacked his hand away from my mouth.

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    I can totally see where Kelly is coming from. Rosie is just being crazy! And I love Rosie but she just needs to chill. BTW when is Clay Akien going to friggin come out of the closet!? If I were Rosie I would be more upset about that.

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    Kelly has never disrespected any of her GUEST CO-HOSTS, straight or gay. Has never asked about their sexual preference. She has sat with a lot of gay co-host in the past, and it was never as uncomfortable with any of them as it was with Clay. He was stuffy, cold, rude and obnoxious. And as far as germs are concerned, she was right. How did she know if this guy washed his hands after having gone to the bathroom. Rosie should of never made this comment. It is absurd. Completely uncalled for.

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    Not really Kelly Ripa gets on my nerves too, and I think I would do more than put my hand over her mouth to make her shut up.

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    Kelly took it way to far, she was absolutely insulting to him on the show yesterday. He did it as a joke not knowing what a primadonna Kelly is. She didn't like him "disrespecting" her. As if he should grovel to her. So she wasn't disrespectful yesterday when she used her show as a platform to slay this man? I think what she did, especially with obvious fore thought was just plain nasty. He was just joking.

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    It doesn't shock me that a primadonna like Kelly would overreact over something silly like that.

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