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93 Jeep Wagoneer?

Ok so I might have the opportunity to buy a 93 Jeep Grand Wagoneer with 288 K Miles for around $500. This is my husbands dream I was thinking it would be great to surprise him with it for Christmas. The problem is that I don't know much about cars? Does anyone out there know if it would be worth it to buy one of these with so many miles? How long can these last? Help!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How long can it last? Well, we know of at least one that has made it to 288K miles... It's a Grand Cherokee, BTW (the Wagoneer was last produced in 1990)... At 288K miles this thing is way past it's service life and is living on much borrowed time.

    The straight 6 models were much more reliable than the V8 ones, but all the early 90's models suffered from reliability issues. 1993 was the first year of this body style.

    Unless the seller can produce receipts for major work done in the last 100,000 miles or so I would strongly suggest passing on this. Even then with a pile of receipts I'd be wary (and I'm an ASE-certified Master Technician with 20 years in the field).

  • tedman
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    5 years ago

    First you greatest difficulty is that fuses dont click, relays do. 2nd what you may desire to do is to confirm what variety of gas rigidity and if any spark do you have while this clicking or while the jeep dosent start up or stops working. final quite of taking it to quite some those places which you freinds and pa propose, you may desire to discover a qualified JEEP mechanic and verify he has been engaged on Jeeps for a minimum of 20+ years

  • 1 decade ago

    got to be hangin on by a thread -unless it has had some serious work

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