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How do I get 2 giant alaskan malamutes to get along with a wired hair fox terrier?

2 giant alaskan malamutes are under the age of 2, the wired hair terrier will be 2 in feb. how do i get them to get along in one house where myself is incharge of the terrier and my boyfriend is owners of the malamutes?

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    Alaskan Malamutes are notorious for being same-sex aggressive. Especially when they are in their young adult years, between 18 months and 5 years. Your boyfriend's breeder should have warned him of this very common trait in Mals.

    It will help if all the dogs are neutered/spayed, but even this is no guarantee of them getting along. In fact, there is no real guarantee they will EVER get along.

    Your best bet is to ALWAYS supervise the dogs, always be ready to protect your terrier. The Mals are capable of killing him in about 5 seconds, literally. And they will should the terrier tick them off enough.

    How does the terrier tick them off? By rushing out the door before them. By jumping on the furniture when they aren't allowed up there. By stealing their food. By barking at them. By barking at humans. By taking their toys. By doing all the natural things a terrier does.

    You will need a great deal of advice on how to successfully incorporate these three dogs, already adults, into a pack. It can be done, but it will take a great deal of work and committment on the parts of both you and your boyfriend.

    I strongly urge you to contact a Malamute Rescue group and email them. Ask them for detailed info on practices you can put into action to help you out. You don't say here the sexes of the dogs or their neutered state. You don't say how long the dogs have known each other before they were expected to live together. You don't say how big your home is. If you crate the dogs. If the Mals or the terrier is the main aggressor. You can go into these details with the Mal Rescue person and get specific advice.

    In the meantime, DO NOT leave the terrier alone with the Mals. I have been a Mal person for over 30 years...I know of several instances where other Mal people have gone home and found the small dog in the house killed by the Mals. Lock up all the dogs for the terrier's safety.

    Sidenote: There is no such thing as a 'giant' Alaskan Malamute, only excessively large Alaskan Malamutes. Its all one breed. ;-)

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    I have a Giant Alaskan Malamute as well! She is 4 years old now, We got her when she was only 7-8 weeks! Honestly she was SO easy to train. Potty training was so easy, we set up doggy pads, and would take her outside after she ate and had some water. She now has a doggy door( so she can go in and out as often as she wants) Anyways, she isn't kennel train- we don't believe in that but everyone has their opinion! So no judgement. We didn't kennel train her because my family found it too sad since she is a big dog. She does perfectly fine. We always say NO to something if she were to take it out. As a puppy she would always take toilet paper but stopped after a month or so. She doesn't take anything outside when no one is home. Just be strict but not to strict. You can't have the dog fear you. However you do have to show that YOU are the boss. Take the dog outside after eating and every now an than. When he goes congratulate him. But be patient. Every dog is different. Don't rush, he is still a baby. Dogs are like children. Just please take your time, don't let this dog end up in a pound:( Don't give up on Kono. My malamute only had 3 accidents as a pup. But since Kono will be an indoor dog.. Try taking him out more when he is in the kennel. Try taking him out as often as a kid would go to use the bathroom. That way he will know that he has to go OUTSIDE not on the carpet.

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    You 2 need to work together. You both need to be in charge of all 3 dogs. Equal discipline and training should be given to all of them. Don't allow the 2 to gang up one the terrier. Terriers will not back down, and he will get hurt.

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    i have2 fox terriers and they get along great. Usually the dogs will work out on their own who is the boss among themselves. You both need to establish dominance over all three dogs. as you are aware, one has to be very firm with training the wire fox as they are smart and very feisty.

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    You and your partner need to both be in charge of all the animals. You need to get his dogs to listen to you and vise versa. Also you need to seperate the big dogs from the little one with a child gate or something so they can smell each other and slowly introduce them and be sure to have the dogs leashed. Eventually they will get along and so will you.

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    I agree with stacy g, but remember the terrier is a very cheeky little doggie, they are just that way -and nothing can change it, they have to sort it out with themselves who is in charge there-

    Good luck.

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