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Where can itake someone in NYC in 20 hours, if they havent been there before?

I am flying to NYC, with someone that is going to be his first time in NYC. Because we only have like 18-20 hours where can i take him at least so he could take pictures or learn about NYC. We will be in NYC from 6pm to 3pm (the next day).

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  • lou
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    1 decade ago
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    1. go to St. Paticks Cathedral

    2. rockefeller Center

    3. walk down 5th avenue and window shop

    4. go to Macy's

    5. go to the top of The Empire State Building

    6. go to Ground Zero

    7. take the tour of the United Nations

    8. take a cab ride around and in Time Square but do not walk there

    9. go to Little Italy and eat visit their many pastry shops and view the area

    10. take a cab ride through China Town

    11. visit greenwich village or at least take a cab ride through it

    12. take a carraige ride around Central Park

    eat at the following:

    1. Katz Deli

    2. Carmine's- go at 11:00 a.m. to avoid a 45 minute wait- Italian- semi casual

    3. Home- in the village- contemporary- need reservations- semi-casual

    4. P.J. Clark's- contemporary- neat- good food- casual- located on 3rd avenue- not the one in Macy's- semi casual

    5. Joe Allen's- contemporary- good food- celebrites go there - semi casualafter the plays let out around 10:15 p.m.- need reservations

    for expensive restaurants- semi-dressy- need reservations:

    1. One If By Land, Two If By Sea- Contemporary

    2. Patsy's- great Italian

    3. Daniel- French and good steaks

    4. Sparks- steaks and seafood

    5. The Sea Grill- seafood- overlooks skating rink in rockefeller center

    6. Le Bernadin- French

    7. Gramercy Tavern- contemporary

    8. Savoy- contemporary

    9. Rosa Mexicana- Mexican

    10. Angelo's in Little Italy- Italian

    11. The Four Seasons- contemporary

    12. The Palm- steak and seafood

    he might like Tavern on the Green in Central Park but ONLY GET RESERVATIONS IN THE CRYSTAL ROOM!!!- need reservations- semi-dressy- contemporary

    wear warm clothes and wear comfortable shoes!

    do not take the bost tour around Manhatten. it will take to long and is boring!

    The Statue of Liberty Tour eats up 1/2 day so do the other things first unless The Lady is on the top of the list!


    sometimes we take a cab ride at night just to see the lights especially at Time Square!

    have a good time!

  • 1 decade ago

    Is this 18-20 hours including travel to and from the airport? If not, consider 2 hours each way (to be safe of course) to the airport. So what can you do in 14-16 hours? For someone who hasnt seen NYC, Times Square. rockefeller doesnt have the tree lit up (its up just not lit), so I would skip. Central Park on the southern tip (59th / 5th Ave). Also, Wall St, City Hall, WTC, downtown. Take a quick look at Washington Sq. Park and Greenwich, skip down to Soho. You wont have time for liberty / ellis but can take a picture from Battery Park. I would end it with a quick walk on the Brooklyn Heights promenade for a skyline / brooklyn bridge view and then head back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've been telling everyone that NY Waterway provides a great way to see NYC in many ways. You can purchase a package which would include a harbor cruise around the island along with either of the following: a 2hour grayline tour around midtown (hop-on/hop-off) or a helicopter above the city or the empire state building which offers a simulated sky ride. NY Waterway also offers free shuttle buses to & from their midtown terminal into the city. They can take you to Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden or to see the Rockettes @ Radio City (if you buy these tickets, you ride for free to Jersey & get a chance to eat dinner @ Arthur's, waterfront restaurant. Or they have an option of buying a package which includes dinner, transportation, and a broadway play of your choices. There are sooo many things to do in NYC but I think what I just mentioned to you would be a great idea! Most tourists take these tours!!

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you realize that there is not enough time to see the whole city. I think I adjust your whirlwind tour of the city according to what your friend likes to do. You haven't mentioned your friends age or what his interests are. Start off by reading the current issue of time out New York so that you know what is going on that week. If your friend is out doorsy, rent bicycles and ride around the city - especially in central park and along the Hudson river promenade. Just be sure you have good bike locks and helmets. If your friend wants to shop take them to 5th avenue south of central park, to canal street near china town and the fashion district. If it is food, get the zagat guide to restaurants and pick some places to go. If it is music and the arts I would pick one major museum (personally I recommend the metropolitan) and one show to go to. There are also piano bars and jazz nights all over the place.

    If you are going this time of year be sure and dress warmly. New York is right off the ocean and cold winds come right off it.

    You won't want to miss Rockefeller center at this time of year. Little Italy is always fun to go to - but with Christmas decorations it will be even more special. The Empire State building is nice - but only go up to the top if it is clear. If you go to ground zero also visit the two churches right near it, the stock exchange, the Woolworth building, and South Street Seaport. Hit time square at night because then all the lights will stand out more. If your friend is refined - go to Soho, if he is more Gothic go to the east village.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i got to go out for a couple of hours but before i can answer you question i need to know a couple of things ; are you planning on sleeping at all or will this be a chemically assisted 20 hour NYC blitz ?

    what airport are you flying into and out of ?

    Lastly how do you handle feeling tired and grunchy?

    Source(s): NYC native who has seen many a "jingle jangle morning"
  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely Times Square, then take a stroll downtown along Broadway.

    Central Park is good.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Madison Sq. garden

    Central Park

    Chicken & rice vendors on 53th street....(there is usually a huge line)

    show them the christmas tree....Rockefeller center

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