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I was just involved in a situation that really made me wonder about American Business,?

I'm an electrician, a company I used to work for put in a bid on a multi story veterinary facility, they were ask to bid because of the outstanding job that was done at a similar facility for an associate of theirs, they eventually gave the job to another company that had a slightly lower bid ( their bid didn't include a backup generating system). Recently these people called and wanted this company to come and takeover the job because the first contractor had totally screwed up the job, in large part because they hired people off the street with absolutely no training ( and of questionable citizenship )

rather than the collective 200 years of commercial experience that

the other company had. He promptly told them to go take a flying leap and that he didn't want to deal with idiots. The question is what is it with businesses that see only one thing, the bottom line, to the total exclusion of everything else, and give absolutely no thought to what they're getting for their money.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They have learned this lesson from government. Evaluation on price alone sucks. Where did quality go in the work place. We don't value experience and think every job is so simple that anyone can do it. The lawyers love this atmosphere.

  • 1 decade ago

    Unfortunately they always take the lowest bid on jobs.

    That is just standard procedure.

    I think the median bid should be taken.

    Low bids always cut some sort of corners from lower grade material to laborers that don't know what they are doing. The high bid is just trying to make a major profit, so why they still take the low bid after all these years remains a mystery to me too!

  • 1 decade ago

    they don't see the big picture and worried about going over budget and trying to shave money off of whatever and probably the guy that bid the job was a good salesman. poor judgement happens all the time. if i knew what i knew about construction i would have heat ha ha long story

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This COULD have been a learning experience for them. Their short-sightedness bit them in the a<s<s. Your boss could have provided what they really needed and now he's assured that they'll NEVER call him again. Just how big was the contract and the possible profit from this job<?>

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  • 1 decade ago

    Those types of businesses usually have the short view and will end up spending more in the long run when they have to fix the mistakes of their short cuts.

    Its poor and inexperienced business practice.

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