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what this quote mean?

"The Few assume to be the deputies, but they are often only the despoilers of the Many"

"The true courage of civilized nations is readiness for sacrifice in the service of the state, so that the individual counts as only one amongst many. The important thing here is not personal mettle but aligning oneself with the universal."

"Animals are in possession of themselves; their soul is in possession of their body. But they have no right to their life, because they do not will it."

many thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The first two by Georg Hegel:

    The first, speaking of the US Congress - members of Congress style themselves as being there to represent us, when they often disregard the wishes of their constituents.

    The second suggesting that to live in a civilized society (i.e. "the State") then one must recognize one's responsibility to the state in terms of willingness to sacrifice oneself for its survival - so "courage" in there terms is not so much about personal bravery, but "aligning" with the wishes of society as a whole.

    And the last a proverb, I guess, suggesting that the difference between humans and animals is the free will of the human being in understanding and demanding our right to life.

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