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    Mr. Jack Wang, manager of Summit Trading Company, is in New York on a business trip. He is interviewing with Mr. Brad Pitt, Manager of Zenith International Company

    Mr. Pitt: Nice to see you, Mr. Wang.

    Mr. Wang: Nice to see you, too.

    Mr. Pitt: Is this your first trip to New York, Mr. Wang.

    Mr. Wang: No, I have been here twice. Did you get our sales letter of April 5?

    Mr. Pitt: Let me see. Oh, yes! I did get it. Well, I want to know something more about the newly-developed cell phone.

    Mr. Wang: Let me assure you that we have the highest standards in quality control. Besides, the are safe and easy-to-use.

    Mr. Pitt: How much discount can you offer if I order fifty ones?

    Mr. Wang: We can allow you a special 10% discount to you for that quantity.

    Mr. Pitt: Do you offer any guarantees on your products?

    Mr. Wang: Yes, they all have an one-year guarantee.

    Mr. Pitt: Great! I am agreeable to your terms and conditions

    Mr. Wang: It's my pleasure to talk with you. I hope we may soon be able to receive your trial order.


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    I'd like to reserve a table for dinner. John makes a phone call to the restaurant to reserve a table for dinner....John打電話給餐廳預約晚餐 Hostess: How may I help you?女服務生:我可以幫妳嗎? John: Yes.  I'd like to reserve a table for dinner.John: 是的, 我想要預約一桌用晚餐 Hostess: How large a group are you expecting?女服務生: 你預期有多少人? John: Six couples.有六對 Hostess: Would you like to reserve a private dinning room?女服務生:你要預約一間私人包廂嗎? John: That sounds like a good idea.聽起來不錯 Hostess: All right.  May I have your name, sir?女服務生:好,請問您的名字? John: My name is John Lee.我的名字叫 Lee Hostess: What time will you be arriving?女服務生:你們幾點會到達? John: Around 8:30 PM.差不多晚上8:30分左右 Hostess: All right, Mr. Lee.  We have reserved a private dinning room for you at 8:30 PM.  Thanks for calling Pompas.女服務生:好,Lee先生,我們已經預約一間私人的包廂給你們在晚上8:30.謝謝你打電話來. John: Thank you very much.謝謝 ----------------------------------------------------------朋友正在上英文課,這是其中一堂課的內容,希望對您有幫助

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