What did Kelly Ripa say on todays show about Clay Aiken?

What happened that everybody is buzzing about on TMZ?

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    I saw the entire show, and from the beginning there was playful banter going on between the two of them. Kelly would say something to Clay, Clay would say something to Kelly. It seemed to be all in good fun. At one point Kelly even showed a past clip where she impersonated Clay and mocked him on national television. She thought it was funny, and although he may have been slightly offended (they did not show the entire clip but those who had seen the original clip know it was quite rude and disrespectful). Then, while they were interviewing the winners of Dancing With the Stars, Kelly just wouldn't seem to give Clay a chance to talk. She asked four questions straight, before as a joke, Clay said something along the lines of "Let me know when I can talk," which she also ingnored. So, as a joke, after a while, Clay put his hand over her mouth for a few seconds so he could ask a question. People in the audience laughed, and though it was quite funny. However, Kelly did not seem to happy about it. Clay instantly caught on, and said "Oh...is that a no-no?" and she said "That's a no-no." After this, Clay backed down, he was just joking around with the incident and had only meant it to be in good fun, but when he realized that she had taken it seriously, he stopped right away. The rest of the show went on, and it seemed that Kelly had moved on. They were laughing together, she hugged him, complimented him, etc. Even people who were at the show said they even after the incident they were getting along great, chatting during commercial breaks and what not. It seemed that everyone had gotten over it, and saw it for what it was: a simple mistake, meant to be a joke. Then on Monday's show, Kelly spent all this time bashing Clay on national television, saying that he was rude and not "respectful in any way." What bothered me is, although I thought the whole incident wasn't meant to be rude, if she had a problem with it, why didn't she tell him after the show, during a break, or even over the weekend. Why make it seem as if she moved on, and then bash him on TV on Monday? If she had a problem with it, that's fine with me, I understand that maybe she didn't appreciate it. But it was rude of her to say all that stuff about him and not give him a chance to appolgize. Also, on the Insider on Monday, they showed a clip of Clay backstage after the show, and he was talking about how he had a great time with the show, and had only good things to say about Kelly, like how she was a great co-host and stuff. Apparantly, he didn't realize that she was still annoyed with the incident, and was saying good things about her. From the beginning of the show, they were joking around with eachother, it wasn't onesided. Last, this was posted on and R&K site, as well as other sites:

    "I was asked to post this here. I was at R&K on Friday as a guest of Laurie Cavaliere. I was backstage and heard Clay apologize to Kelly. I can't remember verbatim, but he did say he was sorry if he offended her. Kelly accepted his apology. For her to bring it up on national tv this morning was extremely unprofessional in my opinion. He made a mistake, he apologized, she accepted the apology. Don't know whay she found it necessary to bring it up on national television. I am in no way condoning what Clay Aiken did, but he did indeed apologize to her off camera and she accepted it off camera. Should have been over and done with."

    If this is true, then it really is sad what Kelly said and did on Monday. Even if it is not true (although I have a feeling it is since I saw it on numerous sites), Kelly should have handled the incident offscreen. She was wrong to do what she did on Monday. That is my opinion.

    Source(s): Here is Clay on the Insider, he was interviewed after the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm1pKYISpTs
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    Kelly Ripa Clay Aiken

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    Clay Aiken Kelly Ripa

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    Kelly said it was disrespectful to cover someone's mouth during an interview. He was picking at her the entire show that day anyway. I think Clay was nervous and overwhelmed and it came off bitchy and then he made a mistake. Kelly said she harbors no ill will but she was pissed when it happened. I saw the show on Friday and liked Clay before the show and not so much after. I thought he was mean and very unprofessional.

    I have said it was wrong for a bunch of reasons:

    1. its cold and flu season and he just shook hands with two other people (Emmitt and Cheryl) and she has a LIVE show to do and three kids at home no one wants to be sick.

    2. performers/actors/hosts etc. spend a LOT of time in the makeup chair getting that stuff right and its so NOT cool to put a sweaty clammy hand on someone's face.

    3. if anyone has ever seen the show we all know its part of Kelly's act to gab away like she does. Regis jokes about it all the time.

    4. when Regis is not there, its Kelly's show and Clay's people should have told him that. He should have deferred to her and sat there and smiled.

    5. is NASTY and unsanitary.

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    What did Kelly Ripa say on todays show about Clay Aiken?

    What happened that everybody is buzzing about on TMZ?

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    according to TMZ.COM:

    Snippy Clay Aiken co-hosted Friday's "Live With Regis and Kelly," and Miss Ripa was clearly unhappy with the moptop Idol contestant's attitude. The road got rocky when they played a clip of Kelly impersonating Aiken on Halloween a few years ago ... from there on, Clay got into the mud.

    Ripa claims that Aiken was hostile toward her and feels that he wasn't "respectful in any way." Tensions ran high throughout the taping, but Clay pissed off the talk diva when he put his hands over her mouth to try to keep her from talking while interviewing "Dancing With The Stars" winners Cheryl Burke and Emmit Smith.

    Ms. Ripa was not amused, and let Clay know that he had crossed a line by touching her million-dollar cakehole. "Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been." She has a point.

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    Kelly and Clay were interviewing the winner's of "Dancing with the Stars" the big football player Emmett Smith and his dancer. Rippa just would NOT STOP talking. No one could get another word in edge-wise. Clay jokingly did put his hand over her mouth, like saying, "hey, could I have a chance to talk?" and boy did she get PO'd! roflmao She was MAD.

    Was Clay right? No. But it sure as heck was funny!

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    Oh God who cares, Kelly Ripa is just a plastic loud mouth piece of bleach blonde trash. She's the most moronic person I've ever seen on TV. I'm surprised someone hasn't strangled her yet

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    You know what i have to agree with miss ripa . what clay aiken did was very disrespectfull and a big no-no. I mean she has a point did he wash his hands recently ? so what she was talking she was asking ?s which is what she gets paid to do. I would have done alot more than just talk to him . He is so lucky cause i think someone else might have slapped him, out of that chair. OMG I cannot believe that some people think it is funny to be disrespectfull of people no wonder this world is such a mess. good luck and god bless and happy thanksgiving.

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