Gifts for a car fanatic?

My boyfriend is a car fanatic and Id really like to give him a gift for Christmas. Any gift ideas for a car fanatic? Something not too expensive, since I dont have much money. Thanks :)

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    1 decade ago
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    1. A gift certificate to the auto parts store.

    2. New floor mats (all car freaks love new floor mats) make sure they are nice ones though

    3. a gift certificate to have his car detailed.

    4. a years subscription to a car magazine (the best would be a mag that specialized in the type of cars he likes the most)

    5. A basket (or better, a bucket) full of all kinds of car goodies, like Armorall, tire and wheel cleaner, a chamois, car air fresheners, etc, You could even do up this car gift basket in a cellophane bag and tie with ribbons--similar to a fruit basket.

    Hope these ideas help

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    It depends on what type of car fanatic he is. If he repairs cars then ask his friends what tools he needs or give him a gift certificate for his favorite parts store. If he is more into customizing than repairing them than you might want to think about magazine subscriptions, taking him to a car show or buying him some type of collectible either related to his personal car or from something like NASCAR. The one thing any true car fanatic will appreciate though is a good detailing. (Cleaning inside and out) Professional detailers vary quite a bit in price and services so shop around. Best of luck.

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    I think you're giving the best gift.. because you have carefully thought of something that is meaningful to him!

    * Magazine subscription to a Car magazine that caters to the type of cars he's into

    * Auto Emergency Kit - It contains flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlight, tape, Flat Fix, ... things you'd need for roadsite emergencies (and shows him that you care)

    * Chamois (soft suede cloth) for washing his car in a bucket with car care products. Chamois are expensive, but nothing beats them for washing & drying a car. A chamois can also make a creative gift wrap.

    * A nice photograph of his favorite ride.. in a nice frame.

    * Personalized license plate frame

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  • 1 decade ago

    here are a few ideas:

    If you live close to a big city, there are race tracks that the public can go to every once in awhile, and I think it's pretty cheap! I'm sure he'd love to race his own car on a race track!@

    A Car Wash Kit - Armor All, Chamois Cloth, a bucket in his favorite color, etc.

    Depending on how old you are, a certificate for you to wash his car in your bathing suit along with a few other lil things.

    A racing jacket

    Some racing decorations to put up in his garage since he probably spends a lot of time out there.

    Hmm... That's all I can think of :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not sure how much they cost in australia as i have just moved back to the country, but what about paying for him to do a car rally driving day, that would go down a treat or even pay for half of it. most car crazy guys buy the mags, what about a subscription to a car mag. there is a guy in englag called jeremy clackson he has a pretty cool tv serious all about cars, called top gear, he has videos and books, if u check out u might beable to buy some things from the uk. or maybe even tickects to one of those car expo days they are alot of fun, as i female my self i checked out a few in england and had aload of fun.

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    you r sweet...too sweet, going to the trouble of finding a gift for your car fanatic shld just give him a kiss, let him get busy to find you a r his princess, and princess dont have to take the time and effort to get something special, bcs you are already tht something special in his life..

  • 1 decade ago

    Hot Wheels

  • 1 decade ago

    WHAt about Neon light fo reither the bottom of his car or inside on the back floor of his car there is like blue, red, green, purple, orange

  • 1 decade ago

    well..first it all depends on what types of cars he likes...thats soemtimes matters...i mean imports vs. american can sometimes be a big deal...buttt does he like movies??? i'd suggest a dvd..Tokyo Drift The fast and Furious

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