what did each of these explorers discover?








da gama

la salle






also, did the spanish and french both hold clame to the mississippi?

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    Sir Francis Drake didn't really discover anything. He just circumnavigated the world for the British.

    Father Jacques Marquette, along with Louis Jolliet were the first Europeans to see the Mississippi River.

    Ferdinand Magellan was the first circumnavigate the world around the tip South America. The Straits of Magellan are named for him.

    Samuel de Champlain was the founder of Quebec City and helped open French trading in North America.

    John Cabot (In Italian Giovanni Caboto) was the first early European to see the North American mainland. (Not counting Leif Ericson in 1000AD.) His son, Sebastian Cabot (In Italian Sebastiano Caboto) landed in either Nova Scotia or Newfoundland in 1497. He sailed for both Britian and Spain.

    Jacques Cartier found the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the St. Lawrence River, which he named Canada.

    Vasco Nunez de Balboa founded the first European settlement on the mainland of the Americas, Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien in present-day Panama. He then crossed the Isthmus of Panama and saw the Pacific Ocean.

    Vasco da Gama was the first European to go from Europe to India going around the Cape of Good Hope.

    Robert de LaSalle explored the Great Lakes region, the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. He claimed the entire Mississippi basin for France.

    Louis Jolliet, along with Jacques Marquette maped the Mississippi River.

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado visited the area of what is now Southwestern part of the United States.

    Henry Hudson was trying to find the Northwest Passage and found the Hudson Strait at the Northern tip of Labrador and sailed into Hudson Bay.

    Francisco Pizarro founded the city of Lima in present-day Peru. He also conquered the Incas.

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    Drake and his crew are remembered as the first Englishmen to circumnavigate the globe, claiming a portion of California for Elizabeth along the way.

    Marquette and Joliet are are two explorers who led the French to discover Louisiana.

    Magellan - led the first successful attempt to sail around the entire Earth.

    From 1603 to 1612 Champlain visited America on five occasions. During his first stay in 1603, he managed to guess the existence of Hudson Bay by questioning the Indians of the Saint Lawrence Valley, seven years before its discovery by the English explorer Henry Hudson. Thanks to the same sources, Champlain also succeeded in piecing together the Great Lakes network with surprising accuracy. During his subsequent voyages he accurately mapped the entire Atlantic seaboard from Cape Breton to Cape Cod, thus becoming the first cartographer of New England. He also went up the Saint Lawrence and then the Richelieu to discover that impressive lake which today separates the states of New York and Vermont and now bears his name.

    Cabot - Newfoundland

    Cartier - sailed for France with a mission to discover riches and colonize the New World

    explored the Saint Lawrence River Valley (near Quebec Canada)

    gave France a North American claim

    Balboa - Discoverer of the Pacific Ocean from the west coast of Central America, born in Spain, 1475, either at Badajoz or at Jerez de los Caballeros; died at Darien, 1517.

    Vasco da Gama was the first explorer to discover a sea route from Europe to Asia

    Sieur de La Salle crisscrossed the wilds of seventeenth century America in hopes of discovering a navigable waterway to the orient - the Mississippi Basin

    The last few I'll let you do :) Just Google them!

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    i don't know all of them but heres some

    magellen-strait of magellan

    champlain-i'm guessing lake champlain?

    vasco da gama-the trip around africa to the east

    henry hudson-the hudson river/bay? i think he tried to find a waterway that cut across the us

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