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Did You Enjoy 'Incubus' With Tara Reid?

I Loved The Movie, And Cannot Wait For The Unrated DVD On January 30...If You Did Not See It Yet, I Recommend It To You, Download It From AOL (, Who Else Liked This Movie?

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    This Movie Is So Good! I Love It! i actually hate Tara Reid, and still do, but she was amazing in this!The movie is about: Basically reverse of nightmare on elm street, when Freddy comes in your dreams and kills you, but in this movie, when the killer comes in your dreams, you become him (the killer) so everyone starts killing each other. The ending of this movie will shock you out of your seat! The acting is very good! Tara Reid fans MUSTWATCH! Gore Fans MUST WATCH! The movie was so gory! An Unrated DVD?OMG! What more could they add! anyway just please watch this movie! you will love it! i promise!!Go download it right now! Horror Fans...This Movie Is Waiting For You! Can't wait to buy the DVD!! (By The Way, why the heck did it not go theatrical? it certainly deserves to)

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