how can i get REVENGE on my cheating boyfriend without making him want to break up?

You know, just enough for him to know not to **** with me like that anymore. I dont really want to break up with him and break up our family, but im so pissed at him for something that i found out happened a YEAR AGO!! but i just found out so its like yesterday. Hes a no-nonsense type of man, so I dont want to do anything rash ( like put that ***** in my trunk and take her for a ride). so what can i do to heal my heart??

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want to play a really mean joke on him...tell him you heard through the grapevine the girl he was cheating with is pregnant...and that she is saying it's his! Or would that be 2 much??

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    Why haven't you confronted him? Get it done, or nothing will ever stop the "doubts" you have, they will just become more and more, and you will be suspicious of everything he does. Be a Woman, and take the bull by the horns, and talk it out with HIM. It had nothing to do with "her" - he "blew it" - put this anger in the wright place. And if you don't get a satisfactory answer, if it just doesn't make sense, its a lie! Remember that, and no friendship,love,or relationship will last, when it is built on a lie! Better to let the cards fall where they may NOW then latter.It doesn't get better from now on, especially since you know. and it doesn't matter that it was a year ago - that just makes it worse, doesn't it - that he "played" you all this time. Forget that he is a no-nonsense kind of guy - SO ARE YOU! - set him straight, for once and For All. Good luck girlfriend - i know you can do it. Now DO IT!!!

    Source(s): From a mother who would have taught you better and supported you now.
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    I went through the same thing the only diff is I left his cheating a** but I did have a little revenge of my own first. I am sorry it is an oldie but a goodie the chocolate ex lax. Made some chocolate chunk brownies and threw some of those chocolate ex lax pills in half of it so I could eat them too. He ate them things for 3 days even with his stomach all messed up. Would laugh every time he made a dash to the can. Just make sure you remember which half not to eat yourself so he doesn't get suspicious.

    Or had a key pad made to match his key less entry/car starter and hid it and when i would go in another room i would set the alarm off or start the car just so he was constantly wasting time in the repair shop

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    i don't be attentive to why you think of that's a difficulty; only tell him it relatively is over and don't have to any extent further to do with him. on condition that he's on yet another continent, it relatively is not that not ordinary, relatively. Block him on the social messaging websites yet DO tell your mum and dad which you have been having a internet relationship with a guy who you presently experience is only too abusive, etc. Make a close-by police checklist, in case he comprises attempt to confirm you (which i think of isn't out of the question). additionally, i could see in case you may make an over-the-telephone police checklist in his close by area. Stalking is a criminal offense in California, and this could be cyber-stalking. For something like this, laying a foundation earlier he starts off something ought to be considered necessary. speaking along with his mom ought to be fruitless, yet you ought to privately message her and are available sparkling with regard to the pictures, etc., in case you do try this. the two she'll "circle the wagons" and attempt to guard her "stable son", or she'll ought to concede that he's not thoroughly extreme-high quality.

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    1 decade ago

    Two wrongs doesn't make a right, I know you did not want to hear this. If you must then kiss some guy that you have had your eye on and leave it at that. Good luck.

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    he probably will want to break up with you if you seek revenge. since he cheated on you, why won't you wanna break up? staying with him will only hurt you more.

    or maybe if you really wanna get revenge, you should enjoy your life more. like go out with friends, and maybe pretend like u have something going on with another guy... see what his reaction is.

  • The heart will only heal with time, but decide how many times he can hurt your heart before it dies forever.

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    Talk to him about it. Tell him how much it hurt you. If you have to go to counseling and see if maybe you can resolve some hurt feelings. I've been in your shoes before and once you know it is hard to let it go.

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    You could mix bleach in his shampoo, put nasty stuff in his food, or tell him you know what happened. OOOOOOOOOO!!! find the girl that he cheated with and have her show up at your house before he gets home. Then ask him about her (he probably will deny it) and then when you catch him lying, have her come out.

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    If it were a current crime you could put posion Ivy in his undershorts

    to give him a nice rash so he would think he had caught something that ajax wouldnt wash off......

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