PRAWNS AND KING PRAWNS? Any easy quick simple recipe ideas??

Do you have to wait for prawns to defrost? can they still be cooked from frozen in a wok etc?

Help, i am always buying frozen packs of prawns but dont know many recipes for them.

Am trying to find easy to do recipes, eg prawn curry, garlic prawns etc.

Every one has there own ideas. Whats the quickest and tastiest to try to make??

Thanks for your help.


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    should let them defrost but they don't take long, you can even run them under warm water to hurry them up.

    buy prawns with the shell on.

    king prawns + garlic butter + bread & butter + wok:

    chuck the prawns into the wok with loads of garlic butter (buy it from the supermarket) for a few minutes then eat, use the bread to mop up the sauce

    yum yum yum

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    A nice way to make a meal of Prawns is to make a batter -- split prawns down the back remove the black line from it then flatten leaving the tail on.

    Dip in batter and fry then serve with one of your favourite dressings.

    Or you can cook some long grain rice beat up egg when rice is cooked and stir it through the rice which if possible is in a wok and your thawed prawns keep it all on the move chop up a spring onion very fine so you have a colourful meal if you do not like the onion stir through some watercress it is really good,

    Happy Eating.

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    Defrost first please. Now this is Easy, got any Firemen friends?

    King Prawns in Sherry


    12 raw king prawns peeled

    Salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Few drops of Tabasco sauce

    2 tablespoon olive oil

    2 tablespoon sherry


    Make a superficial cut down the back of each prawn, then pull out and discard the dark intestinal tract.

    Heat the oil in a frying pan and stir fry the prawns for 2-3 minutes until pink. Flame quickly with the sherry. Tip out the sherry and season with Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper.

    Tip into a dish and serve immediately.

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    Its best to buy them frozen and uncooked, let them defrost naturally and then, chop finely some onion and garlic, fry them in butter until soft but still translucent, and then drop the prawns in. cook until they turn opaque, normally 3 - 5 mins, and serve, with a wedge of lemon. Dont overcook them! If you like chillii, and afew flakes of dried chilli flake to the butter/onions/garlic

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    I would... throw the prawns into a pan of hot oil with garlic and red chillis. Eat as an appetiser with lots of crusty bread and salad!


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