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Jean Lafitte the pirate in Galveston?

A short history on the famous pirate in Galveston and the war for independence.

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    The pirate Jean Lafitte arrived on the Island in 1817, making it his base of operations and naming it Campeche. The little village contained huts for the pirates, a large slave market, boarding houses for visiting buyers, a shipyard, saloons, pool halls, gambling houses and Lafitte’s own house, the “Maison Rouge.” At one point, Campeche was home to about 1,000 people.

    General James Long attempted to recruit Lafitte to help make Texas independent from Spain and Mexico, but Lafitte remained neutral. In 1820, Mexico won independence from Spain, but Lafitte stayed on the Island. In May 1821, after Lafitte’s attack on an American ship, he was forced to abandon his operations in Galveston. Before leaving, he hosted a huge party for his pirates with wine and whiskey and burned his settlement. It is believed that he had buried treasure on the Island, but it has never been found.

    In 1821, Jane Long, while waiting in vain for the return of her husband General James Long, who had been killed in Mexico, became “The Mother of Texas” giving birth to the first Anglo-Saxon native Texan, Mary Jane Long on Bolivar Peninsula.

    In 1836, four ships of the Texas Navy made headquarters on the Island and protected the Texas coast from harassment by the Mexican Navy. These ships prevented supplies and men from reaching Santa Anna, ensuring a victory for Sam Houston’s army at San Jacinto, 22 miles northwest of Galveston.

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