DELL Computer Rebate Problem?

Is anyone having a problem getting a rebate from Dell?? A friend of mine waited 10 months. I've been waiting since June. I keep getting the same crap from them. They don't have a valid order #. The order # has been on the emails they send me to confirm they received my rebate form. Just wondering how many people they're doing this to. I've filed a complaint with Attorney General's Office. I would never buy from them again.

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    Don't blame you a bit--it took me monthes get mine and they even changed my warranties, I had paid for...filing with Attorney Generals Office did me no good, they still took their own sweet time. ....I did get it--they are not easy contact either--although a certified letter to their headquarters gets little action. My opinion of Dell is--buy one and you are on your own!!

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    LOL, Dell use to be number 1, ever since they put investors before their customers things have gotten bad.

    The rebate is a sham. The idea behind it is that they hope you forget it. They eventually send it out but you will have to make copies of everything and keep sending it in. Legally, there is no deadline in terms of when you are suppose to get your return, They basically put that money into an account and collect the interest or recoup that refund off of lower parts pricing. I've been waiting for over a year for a T-Mobile rebate! My friend went dell, it was something like a year and an half before she got anything back.

    Source(s): Friend and calls to Dell
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    DUDE, You Should NOT have Bought a Dell...

    Just Playing Man.

    Rebates SUCK and take Forever from any company not just dell. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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