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Kelly Ripa / Clay Aiken upset.?

Is there any where on the net I can watch what happened on the show?

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    Check that out. It was so rude!!!

    Here is another clip on Utube where he is holding her back from greeting mario lopez.


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    Clay Aiken And Kelly Ripa

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    I don't think I'd want some freak show like Clay Aiken's hand on my face either. I don't know all the details, but I'm siding with Kelly Ripa.

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    1 decade ago will show everything you need to see. Friday morning, her response on Monday and also Rosie's comments on the View on Tuesday.

    Kelly is not out of line. I would feel completely disrespected if I were her. He interrupted her and after doing that covered her mouth up. I do feel that he may not have purposely done that, but we all know that he would've never done that if it had been Regis in Kelly's position. It just shows the amount of respect that he already did not have for Kelly.

    Also - Make sure to watch what Kelly has to say about it on the View. Because Rosie was in the wrong too. Kelly felt a certain way, and she's not the only one who felt that way. Rosie was VERY out of place stating that it was a homophobic statement to say "I don't know where those hands have been."

    Watch the videos and decide for yourself, but kudos to Kelly for standing up for herself, when dealing with Clay and Rosie.

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    I agree with Kelly, sorry but the hands are the diritest part of your body and its been well known for years that colds are passed on through the touch of hands.. So for Clay to put his hand (the same hand that shook Emmitt and Cheryl's seconds before) over Kelly's mouth in the middle of flu season is a BIG no no. Not only does she have to perform a LIVE show every day, but she lives with 3 kids and a husband and the last thing you need is to catch a cold.

    Clay made a freshman mistake. I am sure Kelly is over it.

    To me Clay was irritating, seemed like he was trying too hard to be funny.. I wish her husband or Sam Champion was there instead.

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    I remember now why I stopped watching Regis when Kathy Lee left. Ripa is a snot and such an "upstager" that it makes me sick. The hand over the mouth thing is as old as the hills, and Ripa was just being a jerk about it. You can bet Kathy Lee would have put her hand over Clay's mouth for the return laughs! It was VERY obvious that she didn't like Clay taking the lead on the questions - I guess she thought he was there as eye candy. As for his move being "amaturish".... ummmmm - he IS an amature as far as talk show hosting goes. My advice to all three: Clay - what you should have done was stick a sock in her mouth.... I can't blame you one bit. Regis - Ya need to get rid of the premadonna Barbie doll.... She never has cut it and never will. Ripa - There are a million planets going around a million stars, wrapped in a million galaxies, all circling one place in the universe....YOU AREN'T IT.

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    Why do we care about this? Clay was clearly uncomfortable. Kelly was irritated at Clay's awkward behavior. She could have been more gracious. However, it is her show and he shouldn't have been so rude. For Rosie Odonnell to make it a gay issue is ridiculous. She needs to stop with the gay agenda. Why do we care what these stupid people think and say. PEOPLE GET A LIFE! There are more important things in this world to disucss!

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    Yes. Go to and type in "kelly clay" you will find a video of him putting his hand on her mouth AND another video of her being really rude making fun of him the next day. If you look up "kelly evil" or something you will find a video of all the times Kelly has put her hands over peoples mouths, and all the times people have put their hands over her mouths, and her licking various germy things.

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    watch it? watch tyra banks today instead, there you get to see clay in a real co[host interview type situation.

    Kelly is about me, me, me. and she can dish it out but not take it. AND can we get all the tapes of where she put her precious clean hand over regis.

    time for her to say Adios, there ratings ahave been falling, now we know why. kelly has turned into a prima donna.

    im not pleased with rosie either because it was clear she was ghoing on the assumption that Clay was gay. Last time I checked he had not said a word about being gay, so she was out of line saying it was homophobic in nature. it was not homophobic, just flat out rude on Kellys part, descretion until commercial would have been respectful...need i say more about professionalism

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    Kelly is a ***** with a capitol B! How many times did she put her hand over Howie Mandels face and cough on him and tease him for being a germiphode(sp)? What SHE did and said was rude, She just wasnt a Clay Aiken fan and she finally got her say. I just wish Regis would come to his senses and get a better co-host, one that wasnt so arrogant and obnoxious! All she talks about is her house in the Hamptons and her celeb friends - who really cares????

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    I haven't seen anything online yet. I saw both shows (unfortunately).

    If you watch the show you know that Kelly is a big fan of Dancing with the Stars and especially Mario Lopez. The show on Friday featured both Mario and Karina and Emmitt and Cheryl. When Emmitt and Cheryl were sitting in the chairs being interviewed by Kelly and Clay (he was the host on Friday because Regis was gone) Clay reached over and put his hand on her mouth. He was kidding with her because she was obviously not enthusiastic about having to interview Emmitt and Cheryl as the winners of Dancing with the Stars since the whole season she kept talking about Mario, Mario, Mario. Well, when Clay put his hand on her mouth she looked at him with daggers, he said "is that a no,no?" she said (very meanly) "why yes it is". The rest of the show everything seemed fine. But today she absolutely whaled on him saying that it was disrespectful and showed 'impropriety'. Since when is she too good to be touched? Clay just did it as a joke! He was clearly imbarrased.

    She made an absolute IDIOT out of herself today with her primadonna, "don't touch me", I should be respected garbage.

    Just to let you know, I'm not that huge of a Clay fan and I'm not saying this just to defend him but he seems like a nice person and she looked like a real witch (not the spelling I would like to use).

    I had been 'on the fence' about watching the Regis and Kelly show because she has turned herself into Kathy Lee however, with her behavior today, I will now be tuned into The Today Show and will NEVER watch Regis and Kelly (er, Kathy, Kelly, whatever).

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