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Is it possible for someone to be on your system via remote access w/o u knowing?? It seems this is happening, and also can someone explain NETBIOS to me. I have a laptop, and connect via DSL, I shut my blue tooth (wifi), when not using..

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  • piquet
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    1 decade ago
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    wifi and bluetooth are totally different things and different technologies, although they are both 'wireless' technologies.

    the chances of someone accessing your internet connection via the bluetooth on your laptop are incredibly slim, particularily since the data speed of bluetooth isn't very fast so browsing the internet via a bluetooth network connection isn't normally worth it.

    IF you have a wireless router with either a built in or connected modem then these are often open to abuse - especially if no security has been setup on them because anyone can connect to them wirelessly provided they're within the range of the router.

    IF you DO have a wireless router, you will need to read it's manual regarding enabling security settings. normally a wpa or wep should be set, and possibly mac address filtering too - these will stop just anyone using your router/internet connection.

    IF you DO NOT have a wireless router, it could be the case that your computer has been 'rooted' or otherwise compromised by a trojan which is allowing full access to your machine by an intruder. in this case you should disconnect from the internet and do a full virus scan to look for and remove trojans.

  • Lisa M
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    1 decade ago

    YES. Both (what peekay already mentioned) from within range of your wireless signal (as next door neighbor) and from Internet (hackers).

    To secure wireless connection it is sufficient to set WPA encryption (WEP and MAC filtering are trivial to break) with extremely long random strong key.

    Securing PC from Internet intrusion is more of many topic science than any simple instruction.

    1.Disable WAM or remote access to router in router interface (or if need access set extremely strong password and change port from default if possible), also kill “UnPnP” support in router.

    2.Test do you have any open ports – free online open port tester (click “proceed” button on page): , change application ports from default to random ones whenever possible

    3.Adjust system policies: kill unnecessary and dangerous services (Telnet, Remote Desktop, UnPnP), set strong password policies, make dummy guest account ete etc – free tool helping make adjustment:

    4.If possible set your Internet connection to dynamic IP, and protect your IP while online (while visiting high risk sites, chats etc) – for instance with help of this free VPN client:

    …if it all sound gibberish, download and listen to auditions from this page:

    Person speaking in podcast is Steve Gibson, creator of AdAware, who become famous for publicly unrevealing and blowing whistle on illegal practices of AOL, Netscape Navigator and Real One Player - in result of which all three of them end up in court. Gibson was ask for assistance by FBI numerous times, including extortion attempts made by Russian mafia on Yahoo, E-bay and other major Internet businesses. His public campaign resulted in changing security policies of Windows, as well policies and practices of ISPs worldwide.

    In his podcast Gibson explains wide aspect of security (including in depth analysis of wireless security) in simple not technical terms – EXCELLENT source for all security aware people.

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