What's the difference between buffalo and bison?

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    Bison is a taxonomic genus containing six species of large even-toed ungulates within the subfamily Bovinae. Only two of these species still exist: the American Bison, which is commonly referred to as "buffalo" in American Western culture, and the European Bison, or wisent. The gaur, a large, thick-coated ox found in Asia, is also known as the Indian Bison. Bison are distinct from buffalo, with the only two species holding that name being the Asian Water Buffalo and African Buffalo.

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    Difference Between Bison And Buffalo

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    Buffalo Bison Difference

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    A buffalo is actually an animal from Africa and Asia. A bison is what people incorrectly call a buffalo in America.

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    The American buffalo is really a bison. Real buffalo live in Africa and Asia.

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    Buffalo is in upstate NY, western NY to be exact.

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    None. They are just called different things depending on the continent they live on.

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