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Can someone give me a list of comedy movies that have won an oscar?

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    Annie Hall

    •Best Picture

    •Best Actress - Diane Keaton

    •Best Director - Woody Allen


    •Supporting Actor - John Geilgud

    As Good as it Gets

    •Best Actor - Jack Nicholson

    Being There

    •Supporting Actor - Melvyn Douglas

    City Slickers

    •Supporting Actor - Jack Palance

    Ed Wood

    •Supporting Actor - Martin Landau

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    A Fish Called Wanda

    •Supporting Actor - Kevin Kline

    Marry Poppins

    •Best Actress - Julie Andrews

    My Cousin Vinnie

    •Supporting Actress - Marrisa Tomei




    •Supporting Actress - Jessica Lange

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    For Best Picture, there hasn't been many winners that have been labeled "comedy". Woody Allen's Annie Hall is the only one that comes to mind. That won Picture & Director in 1977.

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    The Sting

    The Apartment

    It Happened One Night

    Annie Hall

    I'm probably forgetting one or two, though!

    My Fair Lady & Gigi

    They're both musicals but they are categorized first as comedies.

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    i don't know if they won oscars, but they should have:

    the big lebowski


    raising arizona

    monty python and the holy grail


    all of kevin smith's movies

    dude, where's my car?

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    I personally like the Scary Movie edition

  • Jack
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