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Why is Philadelphia, PA known as the city of Brotherly Love?

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    William Penn named the city after the ancient city of Philadelphia in Egypt (there were other cities in the Middle East with this name as well).

    The various Philadelphias in the ancient world were founded by and named for Ptolemy II, a Pharaoh of Macedonian heritage, who ruled Egypt in the early Third Century BC. His second name was Philadelphus because he married his sister Arsinoe II (she also had Philadelphus as her second name). Phil means filial love (i.e., love between siblings). The full word "Philadelphus" means "brother/sister loving god." Therefore, "Philadelphia" the city means "the city of the brother/sister loving god(s)." Today we interpret this as "the city of brotherly love."

    William Penn presumably chose this name for the city because of his Quaker beliefs (as others have pointed out). However, also consider that it was very popular to name cities in North America after ancient Near Eastern cities (for example, Memphis in Tennessee and Cairo in Illinois).

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    The greek roots of the words combined to make the Philadelphia mean city of brotherly love. Philos = love. Penn wanted Philadelphia, meaning "brotherly love," to be a place where religious tolerance and the freedom to worship were ensured.

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    Philadelphia was founded by William Penn, a Quaker; Quakers often referred (and sometimes still do) to other people as Brother or Sister So-and-so. The epithet may refer to the "brotherly love" that Quakers have for all people, regardless of religion, et al.

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    Phileo is the Greek word for love for a friend or brother and is the root word for Philadelphia. Other Greek words for love are agape and eros.

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    ~Because a lot of Philly guys are into incest.

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