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what are all the drugs in the world like name them.... pot, coke, etc?

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    assuming you are talking about illegals

    here is a partial list by compound type

    stp a super hallucinigen

    lsd pharmaceutical/searle

    lsd illicit

    2 different trips entirely

    lsd ergotamine

    llsd from certain morning glorys

    wood rose



    estacy and the related analogs of these 3

    dmt/det from certain species of mushrooms


    jimson weed/locoweed

    mescaline concentrated

    mescaline very dilute depends on species


    cannibis indica

    cannibis anything else

    note there are no methods of processing listed.

    i will comment that some of this stuff is outright lethal done wrong and some mushrooms will get you off great but kill you in about 4 excrutiating days.

    stick with beer

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