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If evrybody keeps sayin how upper class dallas is than why does it have the highest crime rate?

Oak Cliff Pleaseant Grove is the hood.

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    Dallas has some areas that are fantastically nice, and some areas that are scary in broad daylight. Several of these (different) areas are a couple blocks away from each other.

    But let's understand something...

    Having money does not make one "classy." Having taste and having disposable income are not the same thing. And poverty DOES NOT cause crime.

    CRIME causes POVERTY.

    Yes, there are some scary parts of Dallas. And yes, there are some parts of Dallas that are absolutely wonderful. However, when leaders from certain parts of town start protesting that "the police keeps on harassing the good citizens of this neighborhood" and make demands (this happens alot!) that local PD start showing more "equality" in their patrols and "sensitivity to the underlying causes of crime" and THREATEN LAWSUITS IF THE DEMANDS ARE NOT MET, then the local PD decides not to arrest CRIMINALS in certain parts of town (for fear of being labeled as "racist"), AND THE CRIME RATE SKYROCKETS!!!

    For several examples of this happening in other cities as well, please read the book "Do-Gooders" by Mona Charen (eBay. Got mine for $4.73, shipped. Hardback.)

    FYI, Oak Cliff and Pleasant Grove are two very different parts of town. Oak Cliff is South and Southwest of Downtown, and is South of the Trinity River (which runs through the middle of Dallas and borders the Southern end of Downtown.) Pleasant Grove is South of I-30, but North of the Trinity River, and is the part of Dallas East of Fair Park, bordering Mesquite and Balch Springs. Between Oak Cliff and Pleasant Grove are Fair Park, "South Dallas" (which is still North of the Trinity), and the Industrial areas around I-45.

    Source(s): Dallas native, born and raised. The only neighborhood I haven't lived in is Uptown. Couldn't pay me enough... to afford it.
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    i believe they are refering to the downtown areas with the condos and the suburban areas surrounding dallas. dallas is like houston and many other large cities. the actual city is full of crime and the majority of the people living there are of lower income classes. that is why people must distinguish between the actual city, as in dallas, and the metropolitian area, the dallas area which covers a lot of smaller cities surrounding it.

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    No American city is all upscale. Every one of them has trailer parks and other such bad areas. The Dallas area is home to more millionaires per capita of any other american city. That ought to tell you something.

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    My impression of Dallas is that it's really divided. It's got lots of flashy rich stuff (Neiman's etc.) and also has a whole lot of really poor areas. It's a big city with a lot of inequality.

    Source(s): lived here 3 months
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