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Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria?

Who's hotter??? I liked Jessica Alba in Sin City and she's younger, and I really like Eva in Desperate Housewives. I pick Eva

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    Eva looks hot sometimes in desperate housewives but she is so overrated. Jessica Alba is rediculously hot all the time, especially in her bikini. she has the hottest body ever

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    Definately Eva!

  • wende
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    i think of it may be Eva Longoria. reason I dont be attentive to why yet from the time I definitely have seen Jessica Alba in spectacular 4 movie I definitely have began admiring her as a appealing woman quite than a warm chik.

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    Eva all the way! She is way prettier that Jess. Jess is starting to get my nerves. AND eva was named #1 hottie two times in a row in Life and Style magazine.

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    Jessica and Eva are both pretty and attractive women. Theyre both hott

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago contest. I think Jessica is over-rated.

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    Jessica Alba all the way. I'd do things to her I wouldn't do to a farm animal.

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    Eva is a great actress but i have to say Jesscia because she is so gorgeous and i LOVE her fashion and clothes

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