Corruption amongst African Government Leaders?

Why do western Governments support corruption in Africa Through the use of their Banks? Why don`t banks like HSBC, Barclays and others question huge deposits of Money from individuals within African Government? Why dont the Banks reject this huge deposits from individuals and report to the appropriate channel if really they are really up in fighting corruption amogst African Government leaders.Do you know that this deposits will never be retrieved if the Depositors Die?-The Home Government of tht Bank pockets the account Balance- Who else believes with me that the so called Fight against corruption in Africa is a charade and a ploy to suck us dry.To make matters worst, western press especially SKYNEWS, don`t seem to be doing anything about it, they are only interested in painting the whole of Africa as backward continent when actually their leaders( western leaders) are enjoying profits in ARMS DEALING and DRUG SMUGGLING. To them, after all NO BODY CARES ABOUT AFRICA.!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes some African Governments are corrupt,but who is teaching them?You,ve got it,Governments like the Labour Party.Corrupt from top to bottom and only interested in their own well being.They are all hypocrites @ HOGS.

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    4 years ago

    Fookin prawns shop making hardship and stealing our cat nutrition! they must be moved to District 10 ASAP! yet heavily i've got confidence that white people ought to easily bypass away South Africa, they seem to be a minority there and the situation isn't getting any friendlier to them. South Africa is fantastically plenty going downhill besides so ought to besides abandon a sinking deliver on a similar time as there are nonetheless lifeboats to be boarded.

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