Troy Smith what more does he have to prove?

i am from oakland,CA. i am a devoted buckeye fan. my father and grandfather are both from columbus,OH and instilled their love and passion for ohio st. in me. as me my dad and grandfather celebrated ohio st. victory over michigan (who in my opinion is still the 2nd best team in the country and which i am not afraid to say that they still deserve a shot at the title against us again) i was abruptly upset when i had turned to the nfl network where their analysts discussed the great game and a great performance by troy smith. after a heisman effort against a great michigan team hey discussed about his draft stock and i was shocked when i heard one of the analyst said that troy smith was the probably the 2nd or maybe the 3rd best qb to go in the draft. i mean COME ON!! didnt you just see the game. tell me what brady quinn has done to make him a better qb than troy. as a person of color sometimes i feel its unfair and right now i wanna pull the race card

but im not and i wont but its hard

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    Historically speaking, quarterbacks who were considered superior athletes, ala Troy Smith, haven't always done that well in the NFL. Great college quarterbacks, particularly those that depend primarily on their athleticism rather than their arm and decision-making, don't always have games that translate well into the NFL.

    Quinn has more of a prototypical NFL game and is about 5 inches taller. The NFL has been dominated by drop-back passers who have generally been good, but not great athletes. Add to that Smith's height, he's listed at 6'1'' but most scouts believe he's closer to 5'11'', and you have a lot of question marks about his NFL future.

    Michael Vick was going to revolutionize the game, and although he's shown flashes of brilliance, overall he's been a very mediocre NFL quarterback. Is Troy Smith a better QB coming of out of college than Michael Vick was? Not even close.

    I'm not even sure he's as good as Seneca Wallace was and that's who most NFL scouts are equating him to. Troy Smith could play with Ohio State's 2nd and 3rd stringers and still have a better college team than either of those two ever got to work with.

    I think a lot of draft analysts wonder if Troy Smith is really that great or if he's just the beneficiary of a great team that is stocked with lots of future NFL prospects. Ohio State has arguably more team speed than anyone in the country and probably a top 2 or 3 defense.

    So...I think teams might be hesitant to draft him as the first quarterback. Maybe he's the next Donovan McNabb which would be great, maybe he's the next Daunte Culpepper which wouldn't be the end of the world but would suck if you took him as the 1st QB, or maybe he's the next Akili Smith...which would just plain suck. I think a 5'11'' quarterback with poor throwing accuracy is going to be a tough sell for most NFL teams.

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    Troy Smith was fantastic (and I'm a Michigan fan). He should definitely win the Heisman. Just pray that he doesn't become the #1 NFL draft pick and gets picked by the Detroit Lions (that would be the end of his football career!!)

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    Troy Smith is a good young QB, but his accuracy leaves something to be desired, especially if there is pressure on him. His receivers make a lot of athletic plays that would otherwise be overthrows. His touch on the football is also not the greatest. He overthrows some wide open WR's (hate to say it, but Quinn would have put the pass on point). He is however, excellent at throwing on the run, a skill coveted by NFL scouts. In college, no contest, Smith hands down. But in the pros... Quinn will be better.

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    I think the Heisman is still up for grabs. Although OSU won, and Troy Smith played a good game, I don't think he wrapped it up becuase he was not an overwhelmingly dominate player in the game. I think he still has something to prove and I am pulling for him.

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    Prove that he can lead OSU to the National Championship win.

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    You are an @sshole. Troy is going to win the Heisman. What more do you want? Why are you so racist?

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    My Buckeyes have to prove that they can win another national championship title

    GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!1

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    What the answer above me said.Short and sweet..

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