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    Take charge of the horse light-break a vat to save friend

    Ancient times, there is a kid to call the department horse light.

    A day, the department horse light plays with a class of kid in the garden, he plays hide-and-seek and a class of kid, an among those kid is called Chen big and clear, he wants to climb into water jar in hide, but he doesn't know the inside of the water jar contain water, plop is a, big and clear he falls into water jar, he shouts loudly:"Help ah!" department horse light hear with other kids after, all very much frightened, some dithers, and take charge of the horse light but calm down, connect very much?Taking charge of the horse light thought of a way, hence he takes a rock, to water jar in bump, after bumping three times, the water jar was bumped to break, small clear he was saved to rise.

    Therefore, I feel the department horse light is really an in no hurry, dispassion, braveness and the person of the cleverness is really worthy of we learning!

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  • 酷酷
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     The Sima Guang - - broken cylinder rescues the friendAncient times, has a child's to name be Sima Guang. One day, Sima Guang and a class of child plays in the garden, he and a class of child plays plays hide-and-seek, child is called Chen Daming, he wants to crawl in the water jar to hide, but he did not know inside the water jar has the water, splash, the Ming Dynasty he falls into the water jar, he yells ︰ “saves a life!”After Sima Guang and other children hears, all extremely is afraid, somewhat trembles, but Sima Guang very is actually calm, meets?Sima Guang thought of the means, therefore he took a stone, hit to the water jar in, after has hit three, the water jar has been dashed, young Ming he is rescued. Therefore, I thought Sima Guang really is one unhurriedly, calm, brave and the intelligent person, really is worth us studying!

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    很樂意幫你翻譯~不過可不可以請先解釋打破水缸救朋友的故事呢? 謝謝! ^_^

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