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1932 World Series?

What number World Series was the 1932 World Series between the NY Yankees and the Chicago Cubs?

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    The 1932 World Series was the 29th World Series. In 1901, Ban Johnson, the president of the American League, declared his league a 'major league.' He relocated five of his teams to the East Coast to rival the National league, and created three. In 1903, the two leagues held a 'peace conference,' and agreed to have a best-of-nine series at the end of the year to determine who was the best in the World. In 1903, the Boston Pilgrims beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the inaugural World Series. In 1904, the New York Highlanders were making a run for the World Series, and John McGraw, the manager of the National League pennant winning Giants refused to play a 'minor league' team in the World Series. He hated the Highlanders, as he used to manage them and then got angry at Ban Johnson and managed the Giants. He still refused to play against the Boston Americans in 1904, canceling the World Series, which would continue to play until a strike-shortened season in 1994. The World Series was held in 1905,1906,1907,1908,1909,1910,1911,1912, and so on, until 1932, when it had it's 29th World Series. This was the series Babe Ruth hit his 'called shot' in the fourth inning of Game four off of Charlie Root at Wrigley Field in Chicago Illinois. Right after that, Lou Gehrig hit a home run, and the Yankees won the World Series. The Cubbies would never win a game at Yankee stadium, losing two games in the 1932 World Series, and getting swept there in interleague play in 2005. So a short and simple answer to your question would be:

    The 1932 World Series (New York Yankees against the Chicago Cubs) was the 29th World Series in American Sports history.

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    Well Babe Ruth was unfortunately on the Yankees that year. The Yankees beat the Cubs. The world series has 7 games and you win 4 to win, the yankees won 4 in a row. It was the last world series babe ruth was in, and he made like a thing that people still do where he pointed out of the park before e hit a homerun out of the park. hope it was a little helpful.

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    29 the ws was cancelled in 1904

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    Which countries were involved in this World Series.... America and ???

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