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Who is your Favorite character from "Boogie Nights"?...What is your favorite scene?,,,?

Mine is a tie between Scotty J. and Reed Rothschild. My fave scene is the one with Alfred Molina/Firecrackers/"Jessie's Girl"...

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    The scene between Buck Swope (Don Cheadle) & Jessie St. Vincent (Melora Walters) at the new years party. ...

    where they are talking about how sunrises are better than sunsets. Such an intimate scene, breaks my heart. Two great actors.

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    [Reed and Buck discuss a magic trick in a loud and crowded night club]

    Buck Swope: Doesn't it scare you? Working with evil forces?

    Reed Rothchild: What?

    Buck Swope: Evil forces.

    Reed Rothchild: Evil? No man, it's not evil. It's an illusion.

    Buck Swope: Confusion?

    [Reed looks confused and smiles]

    Reed Rothchild: Thank you.

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    Julianne Moores charachter

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    i may sound like a perv, but the last scene when mark wahlberg pulls his "money maker" out of his pants and gives himself a "pep-talk"

    but that is just me...

    but i REALLLY hated when heather grahams character and the other guys beat up that one guy outside the limo (???)

    i think thats right, but its been awhile since ive seen it

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  • LORD Z
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    Rollergirl. Her scene at the school where she drops out.

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