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What are the stickers for on the Ohio State's football helmets?

Some of the players have a lot more than others.

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    Helmet stickers reward college football players' superior performance.

    Former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes is the accepted pioneer, devising the idea along with trainer Ernie Biggs in 1968.

    Helmet stickers, or pride stickers as they're called in some locales, were born.

    "Those Buckeye leaves are tradition. That sums it up," said Ohio State product Ben Hartsock, an Ohio native and former Indianapolis Colts tight end who was picked up by Tennessee this week. "Every kid growing up, whatever era he came through, their idol had Buckeye leaves, if it was Archie Griffin, Eddie George or Craig Krenzel. As a child growing up, those Buckeye leaves meant success.

    "I remember getting my first one. They were always team-oriented. It was never a competitive thing, it was just kind of something that the team knew that if you're helmet was getting full, the team was doing well."

    Today, Ohio State gives them out for key performances on special teams, offense or defense. Coach Jim Tressel's website — available for $49.95 per year — keeps a complete list of how many Buckeye leaves each player has won and the criteria for winning them.

    "I think it's something that has been stored here for quite some time," Tressel said. "The size of the leaf has changed. The criteria of how you get them has changed many, many times.

    "I think it's something our guys take pride in, not so much to display on their helmet but seeing how many they can accumulate."

    Cincinnati began giving helmet stickers this fall, joining others in one of the college football's endearing traditions of awarding decals to players or units who make great plays and meet team goals.

    Georgia now gives out a white bone for football excellence and a black one for academics.

    Louisiana-Lafayette prefers a cajun pepper that appears as the apostrophe in its nickname Ragin' Cajuns.

    Clemson awards a paw print. North Carolina State gives out a blood-tipped wolf's fang. East Carolina, a pirate skull. Vanderbilt pastes small black ship anchors on its helmets.

    Purdue previously used train logos, but switched to Purdue Pete stickers this year.

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    ""denote the numbers of arrests by a teammate for felonies like burglary, theft, sexual assault and many other legal infractions""" LOL are you in the class with the carpet floor with the numbers and cars on it? The team has no players with any of them. This all started from 1 player from a year or 2 or 3 ago that allegedly robbed a couple for there cell phones?? Which is really dumb and i think was set up. No one else on the team has any felionies or burgularys or nothing. --------------------- The stickers are Buckeye leaves that represent anything good or helpfull they did during a game. Ex. touch down run , + sacks, great block...

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    The buckeye leaf...the Ohio state tree

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    That guy is right!It's an awards system for different things achieved by the players.

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    its called a Buckeye Leaf, and you get one for making a good play. If you notice the Star players have more than the mediocre ones.

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    they collect pokemon avatars

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    Pot leafs!

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