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the theme:change, turning points. identify 2 turning points from your studies of global history. describe the cause and key events that led to the turning point. explain how each turning changed the course of history for nations and peoples. some suggestions you might wishto consider include: neolithics revolution, the fall of the roman empire, the cusades, and outbreak of the bubonic plague in medieval europe

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    If i were you, I would choose the neolithic revolution and then the bubonic plague.

    I'll give some contentions as to why:

    Neolithic revolution - set foundations humans built upon. first agricultural societies which led to sedentary developments. Without it we'd all be nomads scouring the land for food with no domesticated crops or animals.

    Bubonic Plague - Killed off 40% of the population and led to a decrease in serfdom and an increase in wages for competant workers were harder to find (supply and demand) World before plague was at a population it wouldn't reach until at least 200 years after it.

    Source(s): my crazy good grades in AP world history taking it as a Freshman
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    oh c'mon that is simple...the set out and the answer is already in the question...I'm doing your homework for you, try :

    * pick a historical event(major event), & this is off the top of my head, ie, not detailed;

    * thoroughly know it, as you read through it, make sure you mark down key event with the question in mind'

    * Start with a mid sized(also depending on the size of essay) summary of the historical event: here's one - the death of alexander the great-the gretest military mind & conqueror of all time. His dad gave him his kingdom on his deathbed etc and young alexander grew up with a warlust to conquer the persians etc. with brilliant strategy he controlled makedonia and then took and united the rest of the greek lands...he conquered persia & hellenified it etc etc etc...then went back to take egypt etc etc etc...after the summary:

    * make references to what he intended to do, ie, unify east and west. Turn west and take the rest of europe and merge as a pan-hellenic eurasian empire...

    * anything he intended to do etc;

    Now revert back to the ending of his life where he died due to disease,but most likely murder from on of his,poison.

    * next speak about how the greeks united all the lands and his strategy was for his lieutenants and commanders to take persian wives or locals(depending where they were) to show solidarity and assimilation...he then brought in hellenistic (greek) was successful for a long time...

    * then talk about how we could have had a peaceful and forward enlightened eurasian empire with schools and universities and different fields of study(as he set up new cities named after him wherever he went)...

    * instead we had a break up after his ealry death at around 30 yrs of age, and infighting and split of the empire and more wars later with different empire coming to the fore.

    * talk about how it was all possible and why and the obvious turning point being the jealousy and his death.

    ***hope this helps...u can put in what ever order you wish, and i think you find this topic easy to write about...because there aren't too many turning points...

    1 - soldier dissilusionment as they conquered from present day croatia,down to egypt everything below the russian borders of europe then asia and all the middle east all the way to india...

    sometimes seen as liberators rather than conquerors...and when he went back into egypt soldiers had enough...point one...

    2 - leading to point 2...his death. was it murder or was it old age medicine than could not treat his legitimate illness?

    3 - any other points you wish to add...

    * good luck.

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    use your brain

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