what are the most important components or features in purchasing a computer for an avid web surfer?

reasoning, based on technical specifications required for a web surfer that exchanges e-mail, post comments on boards, and chat online. will a modem be needed, whyor why not?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    DSL is my first choice, and you'll have to buy a DSL modem to do it, you'll need to make sure this person actually has an ISP which can serve a DSL connection to this person. That should be enough right there, as well as installing a few security apps:

    ZoneAlarm (excellent firewall)

    Spyware Blaster & SpyBot Search & Destroy (they work very well together)

    Firefox (more secure than IE, among other things)

    Thunderbird (same company as Firefox, also freeware)

    You /can/ settle for a dial-up modem, but DSL prices have gotten a bit lower... but if you just can't get DSL in your area or perhaps the prices are still too high, then get a v.92 compatible modem and make sure your ISP can use that.

    Also, I would get a DSL modem with a hardware firewall in it, otherwise ZoneAlarm will take up a lot processor power just handling all the incoming attempts to access your computer.

    If this is a gamer in mind, you'll also need to make sure this computer has an up-to-date video card and sound card. A CD burner is preferable, but a fast CD drive could be just as good for the time being.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The most important component would be the Internet provider and the amount of bandwidth. Any computer is going to be sufficient for surfing the web.

    As long as you have a broadband connection you won't need a dial up modem.

    Good Luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    primarily you will need internet acess ..to get that you will need to get a modem to connect the network or you can get a wireless lan card to connect the city's wireless networks..once you are connected to browse you need a good web browser...windows comes loaded with IE but its not the best available (get firefox http://www.firefox.com ) ,to chat you will need IM clients such as yahoo messenger ,MSN messenger ,AIM (you need a AOL id for that)..for internet you can get a free webmail id ..eg yahoo mail or you can use a email client such as outlook express or thunderbird

    and yeah you will need a good antivirus and firewall before you go on the net ...i would recommend AVG antivirus version 7.5 (its free) and the firewall from zone alarm labs

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