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Only emails received thru 1 Yahoo Group List begin "bouncing" with no explanation?

Belong to 1 Yahoo Group. No problem before receiving Yahoo Group emails. This summer about every other/2 week(s) the Group emails stopped coming in-within a few days Yahoo sends:

Recently, messages sent to you from Yahoo! Groups have been

returned to us as undeliverable. As a result, we have temporarily

turned off message delivery to this email address.

If you are reading this message, the delivery problem appears to

be fixed. To start receiving your groups messages by email again and turn your account back on, please visit...

After reactivation, emails begin.

Mail checked daily, Inbox never has too many messages in it, no storage problem. Have spoken to ISP, server storage personnel and the Group List Custodian. They all say the problem is with Yahoo.

Ironically, the last time this happened was 10/3; presumed problem fixed til 11/17 none received.

It should be noted that all other emails are received at all times. Only this 1 Yahoo Group list is affected.

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    Your ISP is wrong. They have bounced the messages back to Yahoo. Next time you're bouncing, have the moderator check your bounce history. The last line of that page will show the reason your ISP gave for not accepting the message for you. Armed with that info, you'll be able to get your ISP to "fess" up and fix the problem. Hope that helps!

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  • 4 years ago

    specific, i've got gained e-mails like that. it particularly is totally great of them to jot right down to you. i did no longer think of they have been those giving violations or thumbs down, (I see i'm getting thumbs down on solutions returned on the instant), and that i did no longer rfile/thumbs down them. they only took us via marvel and we did no longer understand what to think of. i grew to become into injury whilst an 'answer' reported it regarded like the 'WV classification', on account that i'm from there. i did no longer understand 'the answerer', even with the indisputable fact that it pained me to work out all of the help-'thumbs up', the assertion have been given from people right here. It grew to become right into a real eye-opener. besides, i'm hoping our 'travelers' will come again and enable us to take part. They do seem a great bunch of people and we could rather get some 'tall thoughts' going around right here. lol

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