yahoo mail displays header but not msg except in printer friendly?

yahoo mail displays mail headers but not message when using firefox 1.5. msgs display ok in ie

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We also have had that problem! In our case, Firefox 1.5 worked just fine for yahoo mail, as did earlier versions of Firefox and other browsers. When we upgraded to Firefox 2.0, this problem that we`share began on one of our computers, but the three other computers serve up yahoo mail just fine -- text, attachments and all.

    On our suspect computer, Firefox 2.0 works very well on many, many other sites. So, on that computer we use IE7 (and worry about virus vulnerability).

    We wrote to yahoo twice but all we get is a form letter saying their wheels are grinding -- no answer. We also get their automated survey after five days asking if we were pleased with the answer -- Ha! What answer?

    Maybe we'll drop yahoo and use Google and its gmail.

    Sorry, this may not shed much light, but we got no good replies after 8 days on YahooAnswers. If you hear of anything, pls let us know.

    Very strange, isn't it? -- Frank S

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  • rieks
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    4 years ago

    This has been occurring for a while now, Yahoo are engaged on it they say yet for now attempt this.recommended fixes for the various modern complications comprise replace Adobe Flash participant internet Explorer and Java script . sparkling Explorer cache, cookies, and surfing history. some discover that a return to classic mail improves issues. you additionally can attempt an option browser. desire this helps

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