90-100 year old player piano?

my grandmother has a 90-100 year old YORK player piano and shes been wanting to know what its worth. its been sitting in the same room for over 50 years. it has a LOT of rolls of music.....needs some work..

anybody have an idea on what its worth?

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  • Pico
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    1 decade ago
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    It totally depends on how much work it needs. I read that if the player mechanism hasn't worked for over 20 years then it can cost over $5000 to get it back in good working condition. I've seen a number of online listings of people wanting to unload 'perfectly restored' player pianos for around $2000, some for $5000.

    from an eBay guide:

    "The value of a player piano is based almost entirely on its condition. However, the only way to determine its actual condition is to have it professionally evaluated by a player piano technician. A thorough evaluation typically costs $85-$125 depending on where you live."

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is one on ebay from 1916 which they want $6,500.00 for. That might give you a general idea.

    Source(s): www.ebay.com
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