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i hope somebody can help me? I was searching for this hotel named: Duncan Towers Hotel; 124 Kingsway Park Aberdeen; LP14SA Scotland. I looked already in different site but i was failed to locate it. Some people was here in my country now and hiring workers to work in the said hotel as cooks and some managerial positions. I'm just a concerned citizen from my country. I don't know if its true or not because they dont show any proper documents. And my contry people payed for all the processing fees. I don't want that the job they dream is just a nightmare! I hope somebody out there from this city can help me tell if this company is really exist in scotland. I really appreciate your help. Imagine many people you will going to help if we find out the truth. So........please help me and my countrymen........

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I done a couple of searches and I can not find this hotel listed anywhere.

    The postcode that you is not for Aberdeen and if fact when I checked out the post code the post office does not have this listed anywhere in the UK.

    Also from what I have found there is no Kingsway Park in Aberdeen.

    From what I have looked at I would not believe what you are being told. It does not look like this is for real.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    NO i do no longer think of there's a Duncan hotel everywhere in Scotland, neither does google. consistent with threat Ms Luzares has have been given the call of the hotel incorrect. Ask her (with courtesy) what city that's in?

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