Arabic page numbers on Microsoft Word..??

How can I make page numbers on my word document, Arabic?? like:

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  • Titan
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    1 decade ago
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    If you have Arabic enabled MS Word

    Go to>



    Complex Scripts

    and change the Numeral from Arabic to Hindi.

    This will change all the numbers in the document to the kind of numbers used today in Arabic countries.

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  • brynne
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    4 years ago

    sure. in case you position a area destroy (not a web page destroy) on the end of the first web page, and yet another on the end of the pages you want numbered with Roman numerals, you may set each and each and every area's header or footer to have or not have web page numbers, can commence both numbered sections at a million, and may use Roman in a unmarried area and Arabic in the different. listed the following are the information: To insert a area destroy, attempt this: a million. click the cursor the position you want the area destroy to flow. 2. click the web page format tab on the ribbon. 3. click the destroy button 4. click next web page. to instruct off the headers and/or footers for the unnumbered area, attempt this: a million. If there are not already headers or footers contained in the record, insert them as you want and choose a web page decision position. 2. Double-click contained in the header contained in the second one (Roman numeral) area. 3. Deselect link to previous. this may separate the headers for the first and second area. 4. Repeat, if necessary, for the footer. Now to set the numbering and formatting. Repeat this for all both numbered sections: a million. Double-click contained in the header or footer. 2. click the web page decision button contained in the Header & Footer crew. 3. click format web page Numbers. 4. contained in the decision format list field, go with both Arabic or Roman numerals. 5. click the starting up at radio button. A a million could look contained in the combination field next to it. 6. click ok. desire that permits.

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  • PP4865
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    1 decade ago

    If you can bring up your character map you may find what you are looking for. To get the character map, Go to Start, Run, Type in charmap.exe.

    Next find the character within the list you are looking for.

    Next copy and paste the character into the heading/footing area of your word document. If you don't know how to do that go to: Help - type in Headers - and ask for Create Headers and Footers.

    Source(s): Experience
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry I don't understand, are you an Arab? or you just want the drawings of the Arabic numbers?

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